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  1. Cheers my old squad mates, been a long while. Drinks on me.
  2. Yes, it's hard to follow the overwhelming number of posts.
  3. Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Welcome back! First round in the mess is on you.
  5. Wishing you the best sir.
  6. I shall be playing this, who else is? Would be great if we could get together. This lot here is a prime group for an outstanding guild. The launch is just around the bend on April 4th. Any thoughts? Best Regards, Jim
  7. I should think at least a full year before it is discounted. May I say though, it is worth the price of admission as is; if nothing else but to acknowledge the Dev's hard work. Cheers.
  8. Think he was posting on the other site not too long ago.
  9. Oculus Rift...

    Yes, this is the future. Cheaper than the three monitor setup I use now. The one caveat is that you cant see your keyboard; though this seems a minor thing.
  10. New WOFF Facebook Group

    PM sent. Great idea!
  11. Could it be a loadout issue, like flares? Or perhaps the flight takes off with less fuel?
  12. This keeping up with the flight problem, is it common? I for one will want to work my way up the ranks; seems it will be difficult if I can't stay in line like a proper wingman.
  13. Thanks for the BOC invite lads; would be honored. Drinks on me, cheers!
  14. I just started telling mine goodbye.

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