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  1. Yes. Olham I'm on the Pilots Map. I'm located here in Central Florida.
  2. Olham, Since you're in Berlin, I was wondering if you ever travel over to the Eifel area? In 1985 I was there with my late father. He was fighting in the Battle for the Hurtgen Forest in WWII. We stayed in Monschau and Duren. We actually saw some bunkers and pillboxes his unit attacked along the Westwall. We visited Merode Castle where his unit stayed a couple nights. Very interesting area. Reminds me of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in the states.
  3. OK, I've got the patch. Installed and OFF3 is working great. My thanks to everyone here for their generous offers of help and to others for their advice: Uncleal, cptroyce, Polovski and especially Olham in Berlin. Absolutely great people on this Forum! This example just reinforces why I got back into PC Gaming. To me the best part of this hobby is the interaction with you fellow gamers. Thanks again, all! Back to flying as Joseph Jacobs of Jasta 7 in my Black Fokker DR1!
  4. Yeah, Uncleal, Good advice. I'm one step ahead of ya. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled OFF3. For me, as a matter of course I always do a complete search for any leftover files of any program I uninstall. I also recommend cleaning registry files often as well. The free app "CCleaner" is a favorite tool I use. Battle of Britain II comes to mind as a program I had to perform the procedure on to get the reinstall working properly. That one leaves lots of files on your HD when you uninstall it. To keep ROF running properly I would recommend doing a DeFrag and cleaner on that CPU hog every time you get an update as well. I run ROF on my Vista 32-bit in XP Comp Mode for best results.
  5. Cptroyce, Thanks for the offer for the gunjam zip, but I have a feeling it won't work in OFF3, or it might screw up the program. Anyone here know this for sure? Olham, Thanks for you generous offer as well. I'd hate for you to go to that much trouble. Is there anyway the patch could be uploaded here? Or would that be a violation of regulations on this site? If so, I certainly understand. Uncleal, glad to hear from you again (you know my ear is STILL very sore). It was a fair fight and we both got in our punches, so lets' call it a draw. No, I don't need a new joystick (I've got a fairly new Logitech 3D Extreme Pro.) No rudder pedals though, just the twist rudder action on the stick. And, yes, I fly OFF3 on the Easy setting. I own 11 other FlightSims including those "other two" WWI FSims and fly them on Normal. I got back into PC Gaming about two years ago after retiring from Systems & Engineering at a big-city newspaper. I previously had been into Gaming and stopped around 1995. Working with PCs' and LAN systems at work and then sitting in front of one at home just became too much. So, now that I'm retired I have the time and inclination to Game again. I think I enjoy working on and solving problems associated with the games however, as much as I enjoy playing them. I enjoy modding especially. Getting back to OFF3. Like I said before, for some reason in OFF3 with the final SuperPatch, the Flight Control on my plane has become overly frustrating. So much so, that I decided to roll back to the original. I didn't initially want to say so because I didn't want to get flamed here or pounced on for my decision. Using the original has restored my aircraft to controllable again. Reading the FAQ on the OFF site's patch histories has made me question whether the FM had already been changed by the Ver1.26 Patch. I assume it changed the Easy FM as well?
  6. I've rolled back and I'm playing the Original Version of OFF3. For some reason on my machine and joystick combo I find playing OFF with the final SuperPatch too difficult controlling my planes's flight characteristics. Polovski suggested I post this query here. I'd like to obtain the first patch that included the "Gun Jam Option." According to the OFF Site Patch Data, that would be the March 7, 2009 (v1.26/1.27) Patch. If anyone here still has that particular patch that they can post here for download I would be eternally grateful. As indicated I'm an Easy Flight Model guy and not a Hard-Core OFF player. The "Gun Jam Option" is the only thing I'd really like to have if I choose not to go back to the final Superpatch Version. Also, I'm not an MP player either. Just a retired 62-year-old Grandpa that loves WWI Air Combat. Thanks All.
  7. Thanks for the info Olham. I was really asking about the flight model for the player's plane. Whether the flight difficulty had been increased from the original OFF up to and including the SuperPatch. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm able to handle my plane great in the original verison of OFF3 (V1.0) and it being much harder (almost out of control) in the final SuperPatch version. Also, if I have to stay with Ver 1.0 does anyone here know how to manually go into a file and fix the occasional gun jams you get in version one? That is the one feature from the final version of OFF that I'd like to have.
  8. Yeah, Von Paulus and Oldham you may be right about the Vista issue. Although, I don't have any problems on my other FSims. Did they tweak the flight model in OFF to make it harder after the inital release (in other words has it changed with the numerous patches up to and including the SuperPatch?) Also, what is the experience here with others running OFF in XP Comp Mode and/or setting the Affinity with Duo-Core?
  9. I did a uninstall and reinstall of OFF yesterday. Just to experiment I played the game with the Original Version from the disc. I did not install the SuperPatch which I have. I'd been having problems with flight control after the SuperPatch which I installed as soon as it became available. (FYI: I've had OFF since day one.) For some reason OFF plays much better for me on the Original Version. I'm not a hard-core flyer by any means, but even with the flight model on the easiest, with the SuperPatch I was always fighting the stick with spins, trouble climbing, etc. Also, I'm getting better FPS and overall game performance with the original. Has anyone else here experienced this and tried rolling back to the original version? I play 11 other flight sims and the updates on those did not have the same effect. The result is I'm seriously considering just sticking with the original. I've done all the FAQ tweaks with both versions, as well as the ATI tweaks. Yes, I'm running an ATI Palit Radeon 4850GC. I think the consensus here was that the Radeon cards are not like as well by OFF? My system and specs: Falcon-NW Fragbox 2 Gaming PC Vista 32-bit OS Intel Duo-Core E8500 Chip 4MB RAM ATI Palit Radeon 4850GC
  10. Thanks for the info Polovski. I guess with some people if they're having a bad day or something, I need to be extremely careful with my wording in a reply post. No disrespect was intended. Of course, my ear is very sore right now.
  11. Why don't you stick it in your ear, its' already up your ass.
  12. Look, I'm having no problems with running OFF. Technical problems, I'm using as a generic term, meaning hardware replacement. Didn't think it was necessary to be specific. I just need answers to my first post's questions, yes or no. Thanks.
  13. Due to a technical problem, I'm going to need to uninstall and reinstall OFF. Any tips, tricks, I need to know? Do I also have to uninstall and reinstall CFS3? Does the Uninstall exec. of OFF remove all of the game program or do I need to perform a full system search for any remnants of the game program left over? Thanks.
  14. Download Limits?

    Correction, sorry, I'm a "New Member" with 8 daily DL limits (not a junior member.)
  15. Just wondering about daily download limits. I checked the regulations here on CA and I guess I'm considered a Junior Member with a limit of 8 downloads. Yesterday I DL'd up to the 8 maximum for me. However, today, CA would only allow me 3 downloads before informing me I had exceeded my limit (I DL'd 3 Fokker Skins.) I was just curious if anyone here knows why it limited me to only 3 today instead of my limit of 8?

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