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  1. Recently added Col5 A-6 A to both WOV and SFP3. In WOV all I get is flying bombs and tanks in external view. My stock A-6A has also disappeared(oops no backup) All other aspects ofA-6 A(correct cockpit etc) work in WOV but no plane.No problems in SFP3. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. How do you do a seperate install if you have WOV already inC:\Programs\WOV.CD only allows a play or uninstall.Any help appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the info, I've sent in my order. Essex103
  4. I am a newbie to WOV and decided to pickup SF1 to expand the playing/mods horizon.Unfortunately SF1 is "out of print" and the CD I rec'd from a mail order house(original and mfr sealed package) turned out to be a press release version which could not be pacthed. Rplacement order was the same(you only find out when you open the read me file.)I am dealing with Third Wire re refund but in the interim need to locate a retail SF1 that I can play and patch to SFP3.Will SFP Gold work and or are there any current sellers of SF1 in US who can guaranty a retail copy. Thanks,Essex103

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