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  1. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Well done, Baldric! um, Rick, was there ever any mention of winner buys a round?? and well done to Harry for living, and for the others who made the supreme sacrifice, all in the line of duty for King and Country. thanks again Rick for organizing another of what are always enjoyable events. can't wait for the next one..................!
  2. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    mfair, baldric, and harryh, those are the only ones left alive? Make us proud, boys! (baldric, note that you can fly a total of 22 missions, not 21. the last one is for the last saturday...)
  3. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    wow. just like that... We were dropping some eggs on Haubourdin, and some of the Huns had enough notice to get up in their Pfalzes. I already put some holes in one, but another was on me. I turned off, and caught sight of the bugger who shot at me, who had kept going straight. No problem, just circle around, whoa, a little wobble there, whoa it's slipping, hey, it's falling.....! 2nd LT Lofty C stalled and crashed. He was given a funeral with full military honors near Haubourdin. wow. just like that...
  4. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    week 3 started with results beyond my hopes: mission 15, patrol enemy front lines. We had 7 of us, and we went down by Arras before looking to head North up the lines. I guess the Huns didn't like our previous big stunt, because there they ere with their own 12 Albatrosses, the blue-bodided ones. Oh boy, was that confusing! For a while it was just a question of quick shots and checking my six, until one of them that I got behind was nice enough to break away from the crowd, so I con focus more on him and not worry about a collision. I ran out of Lewis, but rather than take the time to reload, I kept on him with just the Vickers, which proved enough... So, I was going to get back into the fray, but where was everybody? I'm still amazed at how 19 planes can just suddenly not be in sight. I did manage to see two others circling, so I pointed that way, when to answer my question of 'where was everyone?' you know there was hun right behind me! Cheeky bastard. Don't know if he was new or injured, but he pulled up in a slow turn in front of me, and I let fly with both guns. He went down, maybe because of just the extra weight of all that lead he caught! Now, I was figuring out which but to push to get a picture of two smoking heaps that were right by each other, when here comes a 3rd head on! Criminey, get that lewis reloaded, and in a bit I got my 3rd kill on the mission. I didn't think I was shot up at all, but there weren't any friends to be seen, and I didn't feel like tempting fate, so I headed home. Afterwards, it turns out that not only did no one else get one, but three of our boys were banged up badly (all healthy, at least). I asked Tud to sign as witness for me, and all 3 were confirmed!. That was enough for a night in the club, so imagine what happened when the C.O informed me that I got another ribbon:
  5. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Lofty C ended the week getting even for lost mates - we had a mission the sent two flights over the lines to wave the Union Jack. Thing is, with these big groups, I would have expected The huns to just avoid us, or if some did show up, that there were so many of us that we be in each other's way, so I doubted that I'd get any. Turns, out, I got 2! Actually, I got a third, but I think he was landing or something, so I don't think it's be cricket to claim him. Good enough for there to be one less hun, eh Mick? Later, the C.O gave me a few extra days off, on account of my 5th bag, and since it was over the New Year, what a lovely time in Paris. and that's all I'll say about those two days... When I got back, I went up with Mick and Old Naps for a balloon that's been a thorn for the lads up front. All three of us were firing when it blew, so we opted to just get each other a beverage and skip the claim. I guess that the PBI get a bit of a lift to see one of those blow, but is it really worth the risk, given that there's a replacement back up in a day or two? and now on to week 3, and I see that Lt. Edwards went west today. Bloody shame, this waste..... Rick, I did a triple take on that "crash'" what the hey?!?! If it was me, I'd be crying and swearing, mainly at the broken monitor that I would have just punched......
  6. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    wow, I thought week 2 had started slowly, but only for me, it seems. 2 pilots lost in the first half of the week, and the official report ran "all quiet on the western front..." I had one early morning recon escort that almost put me to sleep: it was dark, even at 7:00 a.m., and there weren't any huns up, despite going up and down by Lens. I thought I had a photo of a searchlight blinding me in my cockpit, but I guess the plate got broken or something. the next flight, we were detained to patrol on our side of the lines, as reports have been coming through of the Huns getting a bit bolder and coming over (just ask Reed Landis!). Sure enough, we found a half dozen, and gave them what for. I personally made sure that there would be at least one less Hun on our side in the future...
  7. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    mandrews, I'd say "welcome to the Escape Club," but Duncan Grinell-Milne already coined it for his -admittedly more severe- club. quite the mix of outcomes overall, bunches of kills vs no sightings, mission types, etc. and just all around great fun. I really do enjoy these challenges - thanks again, Rick!
  8. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Lofty C reporting 11 Nov - we were sent up on an intercept. There wasn't anything around, not even our AA, so I broke awasy and headed east, to maybe intercept on their way home. Turns out that I ran into 4 albatrosses over No Man's land. I didn't want to die yet, but after working back west, they were only 2, so I gave them a whirl. And I got one! I saw an explosion by his engine, and then when I circled around, he wasn't around, so I figure he either crashed or finished blowing up. 13 Nov - Bollocks! The red stripes denied my claim; jeez louise, surely someone in the trenches was facing forward and saw it?! Oh well, Mannock says at least I know there's one less Hun around. I wonder why Mick seems to have so much more personal venom towards our enemies than others; no one seems to be able to say. so, for our mission, we just did a patrol in front of Lens, nothing to report. 15 Nov. - Sent to bomb a railyard north of Lens. Right next to a Hun 'Drome, no less. In fact, the fun started a little earlier, when 4 DFW's flew over us going west. But flight lead Wallwork chose to stay the course, I guess thinking that someone else would deal with them. Well, a little later, we ran into some EA scouts, and we couldn't ignore these! I ended up getting behind one trying to flee home, and shot off his wing! By then I was over the lines, and since I didn't see anyone else, I figured to try to find the railyard after all. WOuldn't you know it though, that an Albatros came on me? well, we circled and played, pretty darn low I say, until his engine stopped, and I was able to finish him! 2 in one mission! so I headed home, but WAIT there were two pfalzes behind me! where did they come from, and how did they catch me? I got enough west again, and then turned on them. A bit later, I got one dead in my sights and let him have both guns. Hit him so good, that I got really close to him. Oops! TOO CLOSE - COLLISION! Fire up front! I'm bleeding! Noooooo! Get down! fainting..... Land.............. When I woke, I was in a German hospital. Yup, I was still here, and in fact they fixed me up well enough to be out in 8 days. In fact, they did too good of a job - I ESCAPED AND GOT BACK after 3 more days!!!! I filled out the reports, and not only got confirmation on two huns, butt they gave me the MC to boot! How lucky can a guy be?!?! (seriously, I had to check my settings to see if somehow it got changed to never die - I thought for sure I was a goner!)
  9. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    jeepers, new guy in the squadron, and they put me in with Tudhope, Mannock, and McIlroy. I get the feeling that these guys know their stuff, and I am definitely the "weak link" in our formation. I've spent a while learning the area, and this morning was my first real patrol with the guys, around the line by Lens (don't die!). Capt. Creaghorn took us up to about 12, 000, and then up to the lines. And while I'm thinking of how high we are, there's a bunch more above us. Not only that, but Capt Creaghorn starts maneuvering and climbing - must be Huns, but darned if I can tell. Yup they are, and they came down to mix it up with us (don't die!). Pretty much lost sight of everyone in a few seconds, still don't get how a dozen birds can just disappear, when I caught sight of two circling each other below. Well, for a bit anyway, before I lost them, this time for good (don't die!). Climbed back up to about 10,000, headed north for a bit, but didn't dee a thing, so I headed home. For some reason, everyone else went to another, more forward, field, so that's why I didn't see anyone else all the way home. I felt bad for not bagging any huns, but it turns out only Lt. Wallace put in a claim. Mick says I did just fine, as he took a few months to get settled, and after all, I didn't die!
  10. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    my stick is still a saitek x52. don't die. don't die. don't die. and just how the heck do you guys do those videos and get in-combat screenies?
  11. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    hmmmm, looking at the Rick's photo of the prize, I can only think of how nicely beer and pretzels go with wieners, especially the kind with wings (but to echo Rick's later sentiment, "... if history is any indicator...")
  12. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    wait, you mean not everyone already knows all that? huh........... (see you in the skies!!!)
  13. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    I'm in please!
  14. ahh, I was hoping it was something like that; That did the trick; thanks for the help guys!
  15. all other planes work properly, stock and add-on, and I tried B, alone and w/shift and ctrl. (and random banging on a bunch of other keys, if you can imagine!).

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