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  1. Date Advance Question

    Oooh! We get to know what is in the patch before the patch is out!!! Any tips on lotto numbers, Pol?
  2. Out of the loop...

    Glad you are back, TROOPER! I don't do all the well with my fairly decent eyesight, so you should be fine!
  3. slow slide

    Setting air activity to low? Turning forced encounters off? Shoving a $20 into the disk drive before each mission compiles? Other than developing a lot of "gun jams" or "engine seizures" before crossing the lines, that's all the tips I got!
  4. Couple of newbie questions

    I have to agree, if you can any way swing it. It's useful in a number of games. Even trying ARMA with it will leave you wondering why all FPS don't have TrackIR support. I got by with earlier phases of OFF with padlock and snap views but now that I am used to it, even while watching my videos, I find myself turning my head trying to look around!
  5. How To WOFF!

    gaw! Good to see you man! How's the photos coming?
  6. On Workshop Options

    Heh, yes, you have to have A LOT of posts before you can go back and edit. I definitely hope others chime in with additional information to help people get started!
  7. How To WOFF!

  8. How To WOFF!

    Here is the first video in my at least three part series: How to WOFF: Getting Started in Wings Over Flanders Fields. Part 2 will cover some basic flight and part three will be about the campaign. Hope it helps someone! Update: Part 2 covering Quick Combat and basic flight... Update: Part 3
  9. AMD Ryzen processors?

    I have one and it works fine! I have a 5 5600X
  10. BH&H 2 Screenshots and Movies Thread

    Wait, that is a SPAD XIII, right? You should just be able to select that skin in the quick combat menu, if that is what you are asking...
  11. Very nice! Now if we can just get him and chill31 to do some comparison flights, someone could make the ultimate rotary flight model!
  12. BHAHII Missions and Campaigns

    Sub Lt. Rother Nought No. 4 RNAS 27 miles behind the front Coudekerque, July 1916 Well, I'm in for it now. I thought joining the air services would be a good way to avoid the war for a long while. Who knew they could train pilots so fast now? The last few days I have been up in a Sopwith Strutter ferrying 2nd Lt. Norton from one bomb-hole to another to photograph each one in turn. Of course, I would be all for firing off all the plates at once and getting out of there and back for a brandy like some anticipatory Yossarian, but Norton insisted on being at the right spot at the right time at the right altitude for every photo, regardless of how familiar Archibald was trying to become with all the sensitive spots of our bus. To make matters worse, every now and again he would jerk the Lewis gun around and stare intently at a spot in the sky as if to intimate that a hun was about to attack before glancing over with that inscrutable look of his, the berk... I can't wait for tomorrow...
  13. Nice! Est-ce que c'est une rotarie vraiment?
  14. Hi

    Heh, it was the Hi Ho I was worried about... My family is well, thanks for asking! Kids are growing up as they are wont to do, WOFF keeps getting better, we are (sorta) back to the more modern-featured forum; what's not to like? How's everything going with you?

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