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  1. New PC

    I Just ordered a new computer to play OFF BHAH and Rise of Flight when it is released how well will it run off do you think? Q9650 (12MB,3.0GHz, 1333FSB) 8GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz 640GB Performance RAID 0 (2 x 320GB SATA 3Gb/s 7200 RPM Genuine Windows Vista 64BIT Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio Killer NICâ„¢ K1 Gaming Network Card 1GB ATI 4890
  2. Help!

    update. My 7900GTX is an nvidia card ALT tabbing and setting the processer does help now i can actually get in and airborne but i still lag something terrible unplayable actuallly. I have updated my video drivers and sound drivers to the latest version. I also done all the setting as mentioned above.. My rig originally came with two 7900gtx video cards i pulled one of them out about a year ago because of some heating issues I was having I pot it back in just to try and se if it would help and it didnt help a bit. I feel like my system can run this game but I'm beginning to wonder if i dont have a major hardware issue or something. S! Church out
  3. Help!

    S! ALL And thanks a ton for all the help but I'm still having problems. Fortiesboy I did everything exactly as you said I havent installed OFF yet but I tried running CFS3 MY computer is still running it very slow. Slow as to the point I'll click on quick mission then about 10 sec latter something will happen then im flying it'll freez about 10 sec later it will go and so on.. Before my complete reformat i did I had IL2 1946 AND cod4 and some other games and my frame rates were fine so I really dont think its a hardware issue.I'm so frustrated
  4. Help!

    got them all on 1 S!
  5. Help!

    S! ALL.. I just got both copies OFF and CFS3 I have installed them both and patched OFF to 1.28 ALSO CFS3 is version 3.1 Here's whats going on when I load CFS3 it loads fine no problems but when it goes to the field where the plane , Hangars and stuff are it Locks up completely. Pretty much the same thing with OFF Loads the game fine i can get the the interface with no problems but when I try and do a quick fly, free flight mission the game pretty much locks up. I was so excited to get this game I did a complete reformat before it came in. I wanted my PC to be on top shape and ready. I installed all the drivers nessessary.. I posted my system spec a little wrong on an earlier post here is what I have. AMD ATHLON 64X2 DUAL CORE 4800 2048 MP Kingston hyperx memory running dx 9.0c 7900 GTX 512 Video Realtek AC97 onboard audio Logitech Extreme 3d pro
  6. mp game monday 7ish edt

    Man I wish I had my copy.
  7. Oh how I remember the organized wars of the old RB3D days.. How many players in multiplayer? Any organized wars for OFF happening? S!
  8. I have so been waiting for another good ww1 sim to come out. I am an old RB3D player from way back played it tirelessly for hours. I flew by the name CHURCH I was XO of the US94th. Anyway I just purchased OFF and was wondering how my system would run it? Maybe i need to start looking for some upgrades.. AMD4000 2GIG Kingston ram 500g hdd 7900gtx video onboard sound S!

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