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  1. TrackIr discount

    There is an adjustment in the software -a slide control- that filters out ambient light. The camera view will show anything interfering with the TrackIR as a red spot so it's possible to "see" something is affecting it. Honestly, I have had a TrackIR 3 for about 3 years in my computer room which has a door with a window facing south-east. Even with the sun coming up and the room pretty bright I haven't had any problems. I just bought a TrackIR 4 last week and it hasn't had any problem either. My PC table lamp is a fluorescent magnifier light with the round bulb. Even with it a little to the left and in front of the TrackIR the only issue I ever saw was a reflection from my glasses at the nose piece and although it appeared in the camera view I don't think it had any effect on the game play. I really like my TrackIR and never regretted buying them. The biggest disappointment after getting one is that there aren't more games to use them in. I'd love to try a FPS with a TrackIR! hope this helps you.
  2. Game Locking Up

    No problem with the joyous PC experience. I'm always up for an adventure and know enough where I can usually find my way back home again. I bookmarked this to keep a record of it. Right now I'm doing a lot of quick flight, solo stuff to get familiar with the controls and get some flight practice in. I'm not quite ready to make an online appearance or do any squad flying yet. These beasties are much more temperamental than anything I have ever flown. I have been using a Saitek X-45 controller set, but am trying to find the power pack for my Logitech Wingman Strikeforce 3D since some things I read said force feedback helps feel out what is happening with the aircraft. I used to use a Logitech Wingman something or the other with Red Baron before it died. I really liked it, especially gunfire induced shake. The damn thing was big as a coffee table tho... Be sure to post back about your experience with Playexpert. I'm sure it was likely a compatibility issue with my video card. I think all the ATI cards use the same basic software. I'm actually an nVIDIA fan, but ATI made one of the last "big" AGP video boards. I will build a new PC eventually with the power to crunch through some of the newer games. I just can't quite afford it right now.
  3. Game Locking Up

    I downloaded and installed Playexpert. After installation I rebooted my computer as required. When it came back up, as it reloaded the programs, etc. the window appeared where Playexpert wanted me to log in and another one that showed it was updating. About 30 seconds into the update with the progress bar about half way done I got a Blue Screen of Death that flashed very briefly and the PC rebooted. This happened over and over again probably a dozen or more times while I tried to stop it. I tried going into Safe Mode, but even booting up in Safe Mode, it wouldn't complete and the same BSOD thing happened. Finally, while it was booting up to the desktop and loading everything again I was able to open Windows Explorer, open the C drive, and find and open the folder for Playexpert. I quickly deleted the updater file before the BSOD cycle repeated. Once this file was gone the BSOD cycle stopped and I was able to uninstall the program in the normal way. After my computer came up again, I had a dozen and a half "Your computer has recovered from a serious error" windows pop up. There was no cure suggestion when I submitted the first few to Microsoft. Since removing Playexpert, I have had no more problems with continuous rebooting and no more BSODs. The only deviation between my PC and their suggested requirements is my PC has a 2 GHz P4 processor and not a dual core. Everything else met or exceeded their suggestions. I also have an ATI video card, but not the model they state they had trouble with on their web page. Mine is a Radeon X1950 Pro with 750 GB of memory. When the Playexpert program was setting up it showed a screen displayed as an analog gauge with a needle that displayed the compatibility with my system. It was midway into the green safe area. I'm not exactly a computer novice, so I don't think it was anything I did. Regardless, I won't be installing it again!
  4. Game Locking Up

    Will do! I haven't encountered this problem before that I can remember with any game I have played. I had some similar issues with STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, but it was a total lock up within the game that required cycling power to clear. I remember something with the Full Canvas Jacket upgrade for Red Baron that also caused an in-game freeze up. I loved that sim but I could never get it to even load after I went to Windows XP from Windows 98. I missed it sorely because it was my favorite flight sim period and I was becoming quite the scourge of the skies in it. I was ecstatic when I came across OFF years ago to fill the WWI flight sim gap RB left. The few others that I came across since have all been sorely lacking.
  5. Game Locking Up

    sausage fingers! can't help it!
  6. TrackIr discount

    Unbelievably, no, make that as usual, I received my new TrackIR 4 on Wednesday at about 10AM and then got an email advertisement for the new TrackIR 5 about an hour later! I do like the 4 and the GUI is so much better with the new software than the previous version. I bought the kit with the accessories. I wasn't impressed with the Track Clip as I can't get it to stay attached to any hat I own without duct tape. The TrackIR operation in the game with the Track Clip Pro is superb! Unfortunately I could only get it to fit one of the half dozen sets of headphones I have, and of course they are the worst sounding ones of them all. It seems many headphones are designed with the adjustment mechanism, be it a button sliding in a slot or some combination of a button slide and elastic or spring device, these are constructed right at the top of the ear-cups. They are either too thick for the Track Clip Pro's clip to close over or if it does snap shut, the clip prevents the adjustment from operating. I had to hunt a bit but finally found a decent set of gaming headphones that I believe will work. Anyway, I am sort of relieved to hear that the TrackIR 5 isn't offering anything revolutionary over the 4.
  7. Game Locking Up

    I have lock ups if I accidentally hit a key like "Print Screen" which linked to a program called Gadwin Print Screen. I can't kill the window or restore OFF to the screen. If I Alt Tab to bring up the TrackIR program to do some tweaking, the same thing happens- I can't get the OFF back and i can't minimize the TrackIR window. Recently, I hit one of the F keys, F1 i think, and brought up one of the guides. I activated the print button and it printed out OK. After the printing was done I couldn't get the print window to close or bring back OFF. I did a Ctrl Alt Del to bring up Task Manager and got the print window to close. It showed OFF as "not responding". Then I couldn't get the Task Manager window to close. I walked away for a couple hours to see if it would sort itself out and when I came back I found everything still locked up. Cycling power is the only way to restore operation with any of these lock ups. What's odd is that after my PC comes back up my screen resolution has changed -native resolution is 1920 X 1200- and the icons huge reminding me of going from 1024 X 768 to 600 X 400. After I change it back I have to run an Icon Restore as they are all scrambled up. It does this when I exit from OFF normally as well. Sometimes the resolution has changed and sometimes not. The Desktop icon layout is always scrambled up though.
  8. Thoughts about OFF sales.

    OK, here's a thought: Why doesn't somebody associated with OFF open an eBay store or eBay account to sell OFF? It's cheap and it's easy to get set up! You could even create a seller ID that was related to what is used now. eBay now requires PayPal payments for almost everything, so no checks, cash, money orders to handle. PayPal is world-wide, does currency conversions, allows use of all major credit cards, issues single use credit card numbers for those paranoid about providing their actual numbers on line, and offers buyer protection. Postage can be calculated and the labels printed from their site. Monies go into an interest bearing account and can be transferred to a bank on-line. It's world-wide exposure for a pittance! It's probably the #1 place people go to find a copy of CFS3, anyway. That's where I got mine. If, at some point, this generates enough interest and sales of the product, there's a ready made vehicle to add other things likes posters, T-shirts, hats, etc. I don't know what the long range business plan is for you folks, but you damn sure deserve some measure of success in the monetary sense for what you've created. The facts are there are few WWI sims out there and few of those are worth a crap. The trend in PC gaming is realism, realistic physics models, super graphics, immersion, and everything else you offer in spades! if you try it for a few months and it doesn't create any extra sales, close it. The investment will have been very small. If someone is interested there are ebay fee calculators to be found a-plenty. I popped in $49.99 cost, plus $9 S/H and the fees came out to $2.06 for eBay and $2.01 for PayPal's cut.

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