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  1. Excited about FE2 !

    Thanks ! Getting FE2 next week and can't wait to see what's in store . First learn the basic sim , then off to the mods ! Excited to get back into some WW I action ! Regards,Scott
  2. Just got into the SF2 series and love it. Now the next move ,FE2 ,a awesome looking sim that my gaming rig can handle easily. Very excited about all the addons and all the mods for it. Will be getting FE2 in the next few weeks-(limited income) ,and will really enjoy it. I'm sure i'll be a regular once i do ! Love combat ace. Can't believe what i've been missing out on all this time. Better late than never ! Regards,Scott
  3. My first screenshot... F-4 Phantom in action...
  4. I agree UllyB , That's what i was getting at. Not hidden but the added cost for extra aircraft. Can be a very expensive sim for just a little more eye candy. The flight modeling for their WW II aircraft is terrible and no excuse for what you pay. CFS3 has much more accurate FM with their 1% aircraft. That's why i've stuck with it for 20 years now, and the graphics are really nice now with all the improvements done over the years. For WW II it and IL-2 1946 are my favorite , along with WOFF/BHaH II -(for WW I). SF2 has that same hold on me now and enjoy it much. Regards,Scott
  5. What a great site this is ! Such wonderful people here ! Sorry i got stuck in WW I and WW II. Love this jet action and enjoy it better than DCS. Live on a fixed income, so i'll take what comes my way. SF2 was affordable with no hidden fees,(like DCS), to enjoy and tons of freeware done by wonderful people. So much fun for little money. Been trying to get my mind around Falcon BMS but it is such a steep learning curve. SF2 isn't too difficult and has a great bit of action to enjoy. Excited to be here. Thanks guys ! Regards,Scott
  6. How exciting is this ! Voting for a aircraft ! This has to be the coolest place for a armchair combat pilot ! So glad i got into SF2 ! What a great bunch of guys ! Regards,Scott
  7. A late comer ,but rather late than never. Just added YAP RW and YAP RW flight school to SF2 Vietnam and am amazed and really love it . Excited ! This is the first mod that i've added so far. Was at first intimidated as i'm so new , but the SF2 series ,and modders make it so easy. I come from a CFS3 and IL-2 1946 background where every mod is a real pain to get right installing. SF2 is the easiest air combat sim to add mods to that i ever came across ! Let the addiction now begin ! Thanks to all the modders for making this sim a real diamond ! So much to do and looking to take as much HD space as i can with this series ! Regards,Scott
  8. 20 years of CFS3 and going strong...

    In the sim. Can be very detailed when modding. Much more difficult than SF2 ,but easier than IL-2 1946. Borrowed things from WOFF and WOTR and new effects that greatly enhance the look and immersion .This screenshot is from the CFS3 ETO expansion Regards,Scott
  9. 20 years of CFS3 and going strong...

    Just a screenshot to show how far CFS3 has come in 20 years. Still going strong and is enjoyable.
  10. Hahaha ! I know ! Harder than dang cigs to quit. Love the groups though. Met a lot of like minded people there and made some great on line friends in the air combat sim community . One from here in the Ukraine and many more. Fun to connect any way possible and always learning more about this hobby. Regards,Scott
  11. EAW, blast from the past.

    Just installed EAW/UAW 1.60-( standalone mod pack) ,and enjoy it very much. Full screen and in win 10. What joy ! Played it a lot back in the day till CFS2 and CFS3 came out. Still hard core with CFS3 after 20 years and love these classic sims. Very few air comat sims these days, so it's nice to play ones from the golden era of combat flight sims. Love the 90's to early 2000's air combat sims. Regards,Scott
  12. I'll probably get into SF2 mods as i did for CFS3 and IL-2 1946. So much to contribute. Don't have 3d max but starting to use Gmax for CFS3. Would love to make aircraft but can't afford the software. Lots of other things to do though. Very moddable series and easy for the end user. Just getting into the revamped YAP right now and really enjoying this immense amount of work. Excellent addon ,and so many more to choose from. Excited about all the WW II stuff also ! What joy ! Can't believe i waited so long to be involved with this great simulator. Regards,Scott
  13. Just getting into the SF2 series and am sorry i didn't get involved sooner. Had no idea so much has been done to this simulator. Like to say Thank You to all the modders that have done so much. Thank you for bring such joy to others. Thank you all for all the work and effort put in for others to enjoy ,and for no charge. Thanks for making SF2 so dang addicting ! Thank you all again . Regards,Scott
  14. Very new here in the SF2 forum and would first like to say thank you to all the modders here. I am in awe at all that has been done with this wonderful combat flight simulator. If i'd known that SF2 was so moddable and easy to understand i'd gotten involved with SF2 long ago. Mainly a WW I and WW II guy, but the modern combat aircraft are a nice change. So all i can say is follow your passion and it always will show in your work. Thanks for the time and effort for others to enjoy . Regards,Scott
  15. Hahaha Guys ! I'm a facebook addict , i must admit.Lol ! Don't watch tv but i guess fb is just as bad. Just trying there in the group section to spread the word about combat flight sims. i mainly hang out at sim-outhouse.com for my long interest in CFS3 and sas1946.com for my long interest in IL-2 1946. Now i have a new addiction and that is here at combat ace ! Wonderful place and much to learn. Love SF2 and sorry i'm a late bloomer ,totally love this series. The mods are mind blowing. So much to choose from ,i can really take up some hd space ! Can't believe i waited so long to get into SF2 ,but glad i finally did ! A modders dream ! Regards,Scott

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