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  1. Argh, it's not a bug. It's that way for a reason.


    Read the README.pdf for the explanation.





    I read the README. I'm not an idiot. It says:


    "Note that the A-6E, F-15E, F-111F, and F-117A are by default, loaded with "dumb bomb" versions of LGB's. This is because AI squadrons will not drop LGB's. This is a game limitation, beyond our control. This way, they at least release weapons. The downside is if you fly one of these aircraft, you'll need to load the real ones on your flight's aircraft. AI aircraft within your own flight will use LGB's."


    What I'm saying is that the aircraft are loaded with nothing by default in the campaign, and that I have to manually load bombs into all the craft.


    Just because the readme says something doesn't mean the software actually does it.

  2. Hiya! I just want to thank you all for slaving away on this mod! I'm quite impressed with the quality and variety!

    A note on the F-117, however.

    I note that the patch states the F-117 wingmen are being equipped with dumb bombs as the laser guided ones don't work for them.

    Couple of questions with this:

    1) Do the LGB's work as they're supposed to with the player's aircraft? (i.e., get target on radar then drop from a few miles away at around or over 5k feet?)

    2) Do the wingmen dumb bombs show up in the loadout screen? I've been finding that my flight (including myself!) doesn't have any A/G weapons loaded and that I have to do it manually for each mission.


    It's not a dealbreaker by any stretch--when I load manually, my bombs work as 'dumb bombs' even though it says 'Paveway,' and my flight will drop their load when I tell 'em to. (Although not very well)

    In short: I can still destroy my target. But just thought I'd ask those questions and point this out.


    Thanks again for the mod! I haven't had this much fun since Microprose's F-117A!



    More notes: In the F-117 campaign, only the paveway seems to be selectable as a weapon on the loadout screen. This differs vastly from the "Single Mission" screen where there -is- a default loadout, and all useful weapons can be selected.


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