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  1. Thanks again to Sony and Damwaar! I've included another helmet that might go well with USAFMTL's Adversary Training Mod. This has the TOP GUN insignia.
  2. Thanks Sony for posting this info and "mucho" thanks to Damwaar for this mod! Damwaar, if it's not too much trouble would you mind making a few more pilot.lod"s? I've looked at a few hex editors and since I'm not too good at data mods doubt that I'll achieve the same results. I've added this pilot to all my Soviet aircraft and it looks great. for those who may want to use this just right click on the image and "save picture as" to your Desktop. then open MS Paint and "Save As' .Bmp.....drop it in your Aircraft folder and you should be good to go. PS; do you think this type of mod would be possible for the Drop tanks? Thanks again, Red
  3. Hi Striker! If you're using Photoshop 5 it won't work. I tried for a week. I purchased PaintShopPro 7 for $90 and now I can make 32 bit .tga decals. You can download a trial version that I think should be good for 30 days. Red
  4. Pasko, I sure hope you continue to work on the F5. Really nice work you're doing. Thanks Ranger! I'm a big fan of the F5, especially the Fighter Weapons School versions. Your post has the best site I've seen for F5 history. Red
  5. First, thanks for a great mod! It really adds to the fun of the game, especially the "white caps" on the water. I noticed a River1.tga image in your folder, but I haven't seen a river in the game or on the map. Something for the future? Thanks again, Red
  6. This will definitely be a No. 1 favorite with Skyhawk fans! Thanks Crab :D
  7. One more tip; you can change the AI aircraft in the InstantAction.cat...I now have F104's as my wingmen and Mig21's and Mig17's with custom skins as my opponents. Red
  8. Sorry....Ididn't think that others might be interested in this. If you want to change from the F4 to another aircraft in Instant Action then open the Options.ini in the Main Strike Fighters folder, then change the F4E to any airr craft you choose. Red
  9. This is from Andy Bush: go to the main folder and make the change in the Options .ini.....no need to extract from the .cat...i've tried it and it works! Red

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