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  1. File Name: RN Alpha Strike File Submitter: fallenpheonix File Submitted: 14 Apr 2005 File Updated: 14 Apr 2005 File Category: SF Missions/Campaigns Fly top cover, in a Royal Navy Phantom, for a package of Skyhawk FG.2's. There are more Migs than I care to cound and SAM's. Enjoy SFP1 only Click here to download this file
  2. column5?

    ahh well... windows is being a little b*tch I guess
  3. quick question: is column5's site down or is it just me Craig ps. anyone know if the post war Victorious is available anywhere other than at gramps? anytime I try to d/l it I get a message telling me that as its over 1mb I have to upgrade my account
  4. SHAR

    cheers mate, dunno how I missed it lol
  5. I've had a lot of probs with my system recently but it seems to be gettin back to normal and just in time for the upcoming falklands campaign Thing is though I can't find the FRS Mk.1 anywhere... found the Mk.51 and FA.2 though, anyone know if it is still available?
  6. Radeon 9600

    thanks guys, I'll look into it over the holidays Craig
  7. Radeon 9600

    nope, its never been removed since it was installed 5 months ago (by the manufacturer). It never worked perfectly but was bearable, my system crashed two months ago and now after getting everything else on line the card wont work, I did manage to get a signal after following advice from a friend at SimV and so was able to reinstall drivers but 5 minutes into SFP1 I lost the signal again. All I did was take it out and put it back in, still a pain in the ass, though it seems to be working now for everything except games Spec: Win XP home SP2 1.67Ghz 512 Game RAM Craig
  8. Radeon 9600

    title says it all really, its in place and secure however my monitor dosn't want to talk to the card. If I use the motherboard socket I can't reinstall any drivers incase thats the problem since theres some kind of security feature on the disk and the download packs that wont let me install them since it cant detect the card... anyone have any ideas or do I have to go kick a salesman in the nether regions? Craig
  9. OTC problem

    turns out I'm having graphics card problems as well... for some reason or other my system isnt detecting the graphics card tho that still dosnt explain why there was no option to select the campaign god knows when i'll get the card sorted out, thanks for your help anyway
  10. OTC problem

    Campaigs Controls Effects Flight Menu Objects PilotData Sounds Terrain Read me OTC.ico anything noticably absent there
  11. Ok before someone tells me to take a look the readme: Fresh install. check Patched in order. check overwrite everything when asked. check open game: single player causes CTD upon selecting fly campaign isnt available. anyone have any ideas?
  12. I've recently installed the Su-33 campaign "White Wolf" but I'm having trouble getting ast mission one, there is a preprogrammed radar failure that coupled with the fact that I cant keep up witht the Mig-25 I'm escorting means that I cant survive the mission.* Brief: Escort a recon bird, protect from Ukranian Migs and come home.... If I want to be effecive in escorting the Foxbat I have to use up my fuel too fast to leave enough to make it back to the ship and if I stay behind the Foxbat it gets nailed by the Ukranians.. Anyone know how I could either disable the radar failure or add external tanks/ place a tanker in the mission?
  13. Dont think I'll be able to get hold of another card without buying one, though that may not be such a bad idea
  14. fair enough its a new machine, however is far more powerful than my old machine and it nevever had any trouble, I also have problems in Lomac and FS2k2, though these will both reopen at the point they crashed out. Specs: System: MS Win XP Heome edition V 2k2 SP2 AMD Athlon XP2002+ 1.67 GHz, 1.00 GB RAM as to a dodgy fan I've noticed it sounding strange however only in the last few days and this has been goin on for weeks craig ps. thanks for being patient
  15. Gave it a shot but it didn't seem to make any difference Craig

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