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  1. Patch DLL Error

    i'm now getting another patch DLL this one is named virtualpilot error......help please. I have my CF3 & BHAH installed on another drive could this be the problem i've installed the 3.1 update and run cf3 before installing bhah but not sure if it has found the cf3 install (3.1 ) wondering if this could be the problem,regards Paul
  2. Patch DLL Error

    hi uncleal...................yes of course that was the problem i remember now,i installed HITR from the disk where before i unzipped to the desk top,running win 7 32bit,cheers Paul
  3. Hi all after spending the afternoon and evening installing OFF ,BHAH ,HITR and all patchs I now get this message after I have selected go to field to start a campaign.Patch Dll Error: Patch Memory,Create Process Failed,Error 0x00000 2E4=740 please can anyone help me on this,cheers Paul
  4. correct way to install

    ok thanks olham
  5. Hi there which is the correct way to install HITR and tha OFF patchs ,is it better to install the patchs after BHAH or after HITR , thankyou for any help
  6. Wooohoo!

    Hi Olham Kenley airfield still has the aircraft shelter pits there,the airfield is just used for gliding now.
  7. Back Flying at last

    ok HITR and all patchs installed lets go and fly and find myself a squadron
  8. Back Flying at last

    Thanks for the welcome back guys,will be downloading HITR tonight.Well it is certainly tough out there 3 missions total 3 & half hrs 2 kills but i wont get to claim them as on 4th mission ended up a prisoner of war,that will teach me to chase a Halberstadt DII 12 miles across the lines.
  9. Hi all haven't been around a number of months due to a serious eye injury as my career in P3 didn't even get going because of it,could not even look at a computer screen for more than 2 minutes but all is well now long recovery but i got there.Anyway my question is have i missed much since the release of P3,I see theres a new addon should I invest in it and is there still plenty of M/P taking place,regards Paul
  10. Tough going

    well eased back on some of the settings like pilot never dies unlimited ammo(only while I get to grips with the sim),completely lost it with the camel spun out of control and smased into the ground.Like the sopworth tripe climbs very fast but I have just had some success taking out 3 E111 with would you believe it the Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2.Not sure if this was an ideal a/c to be taking on fokkers but I had a good scrape with them comming out on top
  11. well guys what can I say but i'm finding it really tough going at the moment .I thought I could handle P2 but this is really something,but ha ho it can only get better the more I practise in qc & freeflight hopefully soon be ready for a campaign
  12. New recruit to BH&H

    Well its arrived,all patched up and all I can say from my first look at it....awesome. . ok i'm of now to give some hun a bad time i'll report back soon.
  13. New recruit to BH&H

    Hi Guys thank you for the warm welcome I have been doing plenty of reading on the forum ,so much to read.Really like the reports from the front section makes you feel like your really there.I have already downloaded the 3 patchs 1.30,1.30c & 1.31L are these the only ones I need,cheers guys
  14. Hi all signed up to this great forum a few days ago just checking in to let you guys know i'll be ready for action in a few days.Still waiting for the arrival of BH&H dvd been over aweek now but i'm not to worried yet as i am in the UK.Looking forward to mixing it with you guys on MP
  15. What nationality are you?

    Hi i'm from Catford Sth London UK

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