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  1. Well the Bird looks Beautifull Congrats to all and I look forward to flying at Mach 3 Dropping bombs lol Till then ill stick to the S-3 or the F-111
  2. No end

    no i used them before and one day nada i get a groundobject.dll error
  3. No end

    LOL i guess all that info would help I am running windows XP Pro, SFP1 with the Oct 08 patch i also cant use any of my NEW A/C like the F-22, F-35, FA/18E/F Etc The problem also occures when i crash and the game is supposed to go to the debrief screen it is the same problem
  4. Sweet she is a very beautifull bird well before her time
  5. Well i have been haveing allot of issues with my sim of which i got all but one figured out as it goes normaly after landing i press ESC and go to the debrief screen well as of late i press ESC and i exit to the desk top ending the game to debrief no credit for kills now the first thing i checked is the key config. but it was ESC for the end flight and ALT-Q to quit game and quite frankly i am not sure of what else to do any help is apprecieated.
  6. VS-30

    my old Squad
  7. im not sure its been compiled yet but i thought i would start a wish list of Aircraft starting with my fav and an all around marvel of its time...The XB-70 Valkyrie If there is anything i can do to help this evolve into the game by all means do tell

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