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  1. guys I read where hawker was an innovator for fleeced lined boots for his dh2 pilots... so I wondered did motors on WW! planes produce heat that would penetrateb the flimsy separation between pilot and motor... all pics i see guys are bundled up.... would a tractor be warmer than a pusher... inline vs rotary?
  2. What key command fire the rockets ?
  3. Hey uncleal to you start OFF as an Admin in win7?
  4. Olham I Love game booster its free and it shuts down all background processes... I used to just use taskmanager but games booster shuts things down I didnt even know I had running
  5. thanks steve will try it how do you unclock a computer that comes overclocked
  6. Guys I have posted over the past couple of weeksabout getting my new computer after my other one died. So I basically spec out my computer to be used almost exclusivly for OFF and flight simulator. My other computer ran OFF without flaw.... NOW I have had three crashes to desktop.....One happenned on a map switch not on a scramble...the two others when I changed my target to the target attacker.. I was on the six of an Eindecker and another got on my six and started to hammer me .. I Changed the target....So bummed....I am running win 7-64 12 gb mem... quad four i7930 oc 1.5 meg on the nvidea gtx 480......I was running game booster withit to shut down the other processes... I read about a post where a program disable the cores or something as such but really dont want to do it......I took uncleals' post suggestion and resized the maps...but as I said the map isnt the only issue......
  7. I am putting things back together I have a file saved on a flashdive creaghorns homebrew I read the readme but I dont know whre to put it
  8. Guys I went to dl the files to get set up again on my new computer and realized I didnt have winace...what is the best and cheapest dl to get to open the rar files ( link if you have..so far 29 bucks was the cheapest) I down loaded the trial which expires in 45 days Also I am back up in the air thanks guys for your help...
  9. guys my old computer had a nvidea 9800gt card can it just be placed in my alienware machine and run two card or is it more complicated than that? Also do any of you guys use an hdmi cable frommyou video card to monitor
  10. windows 7 64 bit

    Uncleal does direct x come with win 7 64 bit..if so what version ? I cant remember if you are a nvidea guy...if you are what version driver runs the best with win 7 64? Does win 7 have a lot of drivers such as joystick without having to dig out disks or go on line
  11. windows 7 64 bit

    what should I use...recommend pls thanks
  12. windows 7 64 bit

    Wow thanks for the heads up....Some questions...When new computer comes in, I am not having multiple users....how do you get in administrator mode( is that the default) to install OFF...I have outlook express as my email...am I correct to assume as long as I dont download outlook express I dont have to worry about it screwing me via the updates...also because I will not have outlook how do I deal with my subsciptions from norton etc that give me links.... also before I start my installation of OFF should I install another program first that has directx 9 or just install cfs 3 first..I have the dvd version so I wasnt going to install it .... guys here is a question.... my email is tied in with my Internet dsl provider when I am home it defaults to outlook when I correspond to someone my email is dwb69@frontiernet.net which I can access from the browser... so am I right in assuming that that is a mail setting...do I still have to set my mail to that pop3 smt thing .. Bottom line if I can access that email from browser I dont need the outlook on my machine and windows 7 wont force it on me
  13. windows 7 64 bit

    thanks hs.. did any of your older programs have problems when you went to win 7 64 for example I want to put my ms fs on will most of these run
  14. Guys my new computer is coming with 64 bit windows 7 OFF.. Will work on this... I was running 32 bit xp.....will I need to dl the microsoft xp mode program....have any of you 64 bit users have problems....thanks for your input
  15. HITR question

    thanks Jarhead...I have afile saved on a stick called overflandersfield_hitr.zip 429 mb do you think that is the file that ispurchased..is it that size?

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