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  1. Now... I know I'm bumping a very old thread... but wow! This really came together in the end then :) Sadly with real life getting in the way I had to sell my RFC uniform... but maybe I'll put another one together one day ;)
  2. Well... my last post was in Feb 2010 :) Been busy with life, new career, new baby, new games! Got caught up with RoF for a few years as I weighed it all up and desided I prefered it to OFF.... ...but now I've just bought WOFF... ...Wow! I mean... Wow! RoF who? Will be back to pester the forums with inane questions shortly!
  3. Hardly getting a moment to play off at the moment let alone get on the forum!!! Bring on the end of my degree! Thought some people might be interested in our latest experiment. Me and my fiance are living off of ww2 civilian rations for a while, we did it for a month last year and it was great fun (and I lost half a stone...). Here is the blog complete with photo's which we will try to udate each day. (if you hear ambient sound effects it is the blog... you aren't going mad...) http://ww2rations.blogspot.com/ Hopefully get back in the sky one day soon.... just as soon as disertations are finished!
  4. OT- A New Fuhrer

    Quick! Someone please Ban Widowmaker!!! The offensive image he has posted has made me want to go out and persecute intellectuals!!!!!!!
  5. Oh.... and eventually you should get hold of a TrakIr system as they are good fun!... not essential though as you can pile up the kills just using the padlock and snap views. Drawback is you can't look around with the mouse in OFF so a head tracker like TrackIr offers the only way to smoothly look around. Don't worry to much though, If anything I found targeting and padlock view easier once you are used to it as you can't lose track of your target. Real benefit of trackIr is emersion into the game rather than improving chances of a kill.
  6. Your computer has slightly higher spec than mine so should run fine, just adjust the graphics for best performance... on that note dont be surprised if OFF looks awful when you first load it. Most graphics settings start low and you have to turn them on (at least it was on my version!) I also recomend buying the new downloadable addon to OFF from the OFF website. Adds even more aircraft and some extra features. think its about $20?.... much cheaper than RoF where you have to pay cash for every single plane you want to fly!!! In fact as a point of interest, when RoF finally has as many aircraft available to buy as OFF comes with it will cost you...... $347.23 Further to your question about RoF... it has a thick layer of dusk where it sits on my top shelf.... can't wait for the day when I have a wobbly table so it will actually be some use.
  7. OT- A New Fuhrer

    Its perfectly reasonable, its best to gloss over the past and forget all about so i can't ever happen again!..... hang on that doesn't sound right.... What's next? Banning any mention of the British Empire in case we accidentally invade india?? :) Really silly thing is ebay dont allow any Bhudist, hindoo or native American items with a swastika even though they have nothing to do with the Nazi party... just because Germany (and I believe France?) have made a simple geometric shape illegal regardless of context. Lucky the Nazis didn't use a circle as thier symbol or anything with wheels would be banned!
  8. Wow, looking great! Still on the hunt for a suitable jacket for my final version!... will update with some other bits soon.
  9. My pilot is still alive and well and will be returning from leave soon!.... just need real life to stop getting in the way...
  10. WW1 Recreation

    Looks fantastic! (if a little arrid for the western front lol). The great war society in the UK have a stretch of recreated trench complete with frost and mud... not many planes though! Hoping to join the great war society next year and will hopefully get to travel over to some of the larger US events although mostly will be on marches and original battlefields in france. Iv'e noticed looking through youtube that even though America fought in WW1 most americans prefer to dress up as Germans? Doughboys seem to be greatly outnumbered! For anyone else interested here is the link for the british great war society. Watch the vid, nice shot of a tripe going over! http://www.thegreatwarsociety.com/
  11. Snowed under with commision work at the moment... not even time for single player! Will definitely be up for some MP when I have free time again though!
  12. More progress towards my final uniform!!! I managed to find a company selling replica rank tape/braid for ww1 jacket cuffs as well as replica cloth pips! So I had a go at converting a jacket myself. Not quite perfect yet and this jacket is still too small around the rib cage - yes its really my ribs... I can suck the gut in!... even at 18 years old and 11 stone I had a 42" chest!... although my waist line has now more or less caught up! so will probably go on sale along with the others to fund my project further. For this jacket I machine stitched the tape which means its not as precise as I'd like... the bunching flattens itself out when wearing but could still be perfected further. All I need now is a suitable jacket with a 44" chest to begin my final project.... Next attempt should be far more acurate as will be hand stitched!
  13. Forgot to mention, the brass D-ring is 1 and 4/8 inches wide if you decide to replace.
  14. We have settled snow in plymouth which is very rare as this corner of the uk is usually kept warm by all that nice heat the mexicans send us over in the gulf stream! Certainly the first snow since I have lived here. And Lou.... feel our pain?... stay indoors??? You don't know the english! It snows so rarely in england (sometimes years apart) that we all get exited and go out in it! I may well go and get my own car stuck on Dartmoor for a bit this afternoon! All part of the fun!
  15. Sorry Lou been meaning to put this photo up for a while but kept forgetting! The top belt is from my uniform and is vintage.... ww2 maybe, or possibly older... the bottom belt is modern. As you can see the british army doesnt allow any deviation from the pattern! So those rings on yours are very unlikely to be original, much more likely a later field repair, have you turned them to see if there is a weld hidden behind the leather?.. and is the back ring the same? I wonder what happened to lose the originals... It's a minor detail really though as no doubt the french belts where different in pattern to the british, and the french uniform seems to have been a lot more flexible. The lower angular rings are for holding a sword belt on ceremonial occasions.

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