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  1. Just bought it

    Thanks I tried Bloody april I dont really know what to do, there isnt a lot of interactivity in the campaign like medals, ranks, pilots details, informations-news.... I love to fly but for me the campaign itself is important too
  2. Few question about RoF

    Hi all. I'm not very experienced on RoF and I have some questions about the game and the engine. First with my Fokker DVII it happend few times when I go down quickly (but always careful with the speed) I have what I think is oil all over the screen and it's over. Its very short I dont make a long descent.. My engine stop and it's finish, I dont know why I dont think I had damages. The radiator is Ok. What's wrong with me? And last question, there is a good campaign mod for this game? thanks everyone
  3. Just bought it

    Thank you a lot I installed it and gonna try this mod.. But what I dont understand is to add planes. There's for exemple few kind of Albatros D.III on combatace, so which one I need to install? Thank you Steph. I have few modding experiences in other games (elder scrolls, wargames...) so it's not really a problem but thank you all for your friendship
  4. Just bought it

    But english isnt my mothertongue so i'm a bit confusing with technical words...^^ Where can I find SF1 and 2 ? You didnt help me Lima now I'm confusing with all of those mods lol
  5. Just bought it

    Thank you Lima but Bloody april is for FE1 ? You dont talk about armchair? Dont use it? I'm going to read some topics and see what game and mod I'll play, thanks a lot
  6. Armchair aces Redux

    If I install Redux I have to put anything else? Planes? etc? Or its all in one? For effects, graphics, sounds, I can put other mods? Or it's not compatible?
  7. Just bought it

    Yes I saw I need the CD... I think I'll try RoF and FE first and have a lot to do with that 2 games... And maybe OFF later. There is new WWI game coming soon?
  8. Just bought it

    Looks great too... Damn I dont know what to play
  9. Just bought it

    What is OFF ?.. Okay thank you :)
  10. Just bought it

    Thanks Panama nice to meet you. Nice but you what do you use for campaigns? Armchair is one of the best? I really want to find a nice and long one before to start my entire campaign. Armchair looks amazing but I dont see any talks about it. For the painting of planes its only with external software, cant do it in game? FE2 is better than RoF ? Even for campaigns? In game when a plan has is engine destroyed and forced to land without damages, it count as a "kill"/"victory" or the pilot has to be killed? Thanks a lot i'm going to read the Knowlwdge Bases
  11. Just bought it

    Hi there, I bought the "First Eagles gold edition" in the past and really enjoyed it. Now with my window 7 I choosed to buy First Eagles 2 and i'm going to fly again with my Albatros :x ! I have Rise of flight too but without joystick (I have a gamepad with little joysticks) I find the game too hard and I have lot of fun on First Eagles so let's go for the number 2 ! Can you tell me what kind of mod I should use with it? AI, graphics, skins or anything? My config should be ok. There's mods for realistics campaigns? I heard about Armchair, not finished yet? I've few questions about the campaign too. We cant paint our planes, add colours or emblems? Campaigns are short 1917-1918 and not very detailed, pilot story, rank, medals, comrades, other battles... Is there something better? I should go to rise of flight for detailed campaign? Thanks a lot ! Have fun

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