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  1. Campaign/Warping

    Thank you all for your feedback. I should add that my plan was not to invest a whole lot of time (& rounds) attacking ground targets in what would have been a wood/fabric airplane with a single .303 in. gun. I opted to play the mission I was dealt by the campaign. Just wanted to compare what other folks' experience was with the warp functionality.
  2. Hello: Haven't survived a campaign beyond about 3 missions yet. I guess part of it is that I don't really know what's going on. Second mission in my Sopwith Triplane campaign (RNAS 1 Sqn Furnes Jan. 1917) was to attack an airfield. Didn't have time to hand fly the whole mission so I climbed to altitude & warped to the target waypoint. Dove. Strafed. Took flak damage. Nicked a couple of parked airplanes but didn't blow anything up. Shot at the tents too, just to try to destroy something (apparently they're bulletproof). Gun subsequently jammed. Real world pilot (with any sense) would call it a day and go home (to live to fight another day). Flew away from the target area. Attempted to warp back home (again, no time to hand fly the whole thing). Warp kept taking me back to "target waypoint reached" (Yes. I already know this...). Hit "Esc" to end this silliness. Captured. "The war is over for you." So I guess I have to blow something up to be able to warp home? Return with my shield, or on it...? What are the criteria to be able to warp home from a ground attack mission? The mission brief does not specify a minimum damage level (other than to "attack the airfield"). In future I guess I have to plan to hand fly the entire mission in real time?
  3. Wow! I see this is a popular topic! By all means, no rush on the N.28. Just happened to notice that it was missing from the lineup so I figured I'd ask. Better to build it right than to build it quick. As noted by others here, there's certainly no shortage of excellent aircraft to play with (Fokker Triplane seems to be shaping up as my favorite so far). In my campaigns (not in the Dr.1) I have managed to master a couple of skills so far: 1. Successful forced landings after getting my butt shot off. 2. Thumbing for a ride home. I agree with many of the other posters here that this is marvelous fun, compliments to the developers. And it keeps getting better & better. Also agreed that it would be impossible to model all of the aircraft (or at least model them all well). Fascinating thing about the WWI period- how many different aircraft & manufacturers popped up (& disappeared) almost overnight. In my "day job" we work on aircraft development programs that last for years and aircraft products that last for decades. In WWI aircraft appeared and then became obsolescent within a matter of months... Didn't know you had a poll, I'll search & check it out. Regarding the cartoon, the title was Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dastardly_and_Muttley_in_Their_Flying_Machines Apparently the series is available on DVD for the truly dedicated fans. I also have some recollection of it from childhood. Guess we're all showing our age... & Thanks Hasse Wind!
  4. Hi: This is directed primarily to the OFF developers: 1. For the U.S. contingent, any plans to add the Nieuport 28 as a flyable aircraft? Though not considered to be one of the better fighters of WWI, it has some historical significance as the U.S.A.S. operated them in some numbers early in the U.S. deployment (approx. 300 aircraft in 4 squadrons between Mar.-Jul. 1918). This would add a sense of "completeness" to the U.S. OB. 2. For the German contingent, any plans to add the Hansa Brandenburg W.12 and/or W.29 as flyable aircraft? That might be a bit of an issue as they were used primarily in the naval environment (against aircraft such as Felixstowe/Curtiss flying boats). Don't know if the CFS3 environment is capable of supporting seaplane ops very well (if at all) so it might not be feasible. Interesting aircraft though... Still an OFF newbie, but enjoying it. I've noticed steady improvement as the patches have evolved...

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