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  1. Saudi Arabia is Hitting Yemen

    well im arab and im proud of this , iraqi forces just finished their journey in tikrit and i got to tell you that they have captured many and i mean many western peoples inside tikrit whom an ISIS members and most of them know nothing about our religion ( islam ) they don't even know what is the ARKAN OF ISLAM ( the basic of islam ) anyway i just saw and read all the comments about the KSA mission in Yemen and i got to tell you guys have no f*** idea about what is going on here in the middle east its very damn complicated the KSA is not alone striking Yemen there are 10 more Arab countries colliding in this operation which called the power storm the reason behind this operation was the so called Huthies which pays all their loyalty to iran the biggest enemy to KSA and to all of Arabs those idiots trying to capture all of Yemen and then open up the whole country to iranians army to invade KSA and the rest of arabian desert , we are not killing each other MR.Zionist we're fighting the idiots and stupid criminals who kills and murder innocent peoples in our religion's name whether they are ISIS or Huthies they are the same for us they are just doing the job for iran to destroy our cities and kill our peoples ( with huge ... a very damn huge support from unknown countries ) so what do you expect KSA? let them pass the borders and invade KSA for iran? without a fight? no mister this is not even a dream! and btw KSA they have a large army specially airforce , strike eagles ... the 3rd largest user in the world , typhoons many of typhoons and Apaches torandos more and more even they mighty M1A2 Seps and even T-90s they'll win this war very soon and they will go to syria and lybia to resecure it , and no you ( israle ) will never kills us all we're too much for you ( a almost 500 millions of Arabs surrounding you ) you think you can? dream boy just damn dream and let your media lie over your head , those arabs surrounding you they are sleeping now or busy but just read our history you'll be very disappointed , i will hint this for every one who hate arabs , we don't want to fight you or any one we just want peace we are not terrorist not ISIS not Qaeda or whatever you call them those terrors killed hundreds of thousands of Muslim arabs and even Christians arabs from syria , iraq , lybia , egypt etc , your media lied about us and you believed but we don't care we will win the war against ISIS and Iran very soon by the will of ALLAH to clear things up KSA never supported ISIS nor any terrorist group\organization or the so called Wahabies but media and some fools around the damn world made you people believe the fake truth , if you don't live in any arabic country don't talk about it because we don't talk about you and don't really want to , we're only locking for the peace that we lost long time ago because of some 30+ countries attacked us and invaded our lands and then those terrors invaded us too while our people have no weapon to defend them self and the ironic part is that the terrorist groups kills us in our religion btw , Thanks for the ban in advance ...
  2. thank you supgen for this mod i installed it and got CTD when chosed NA2 can you explain in depth how to install your mod?
  3. hey there i am looking for a good toturail which teach me how to model usaf f-15 with 3ds max.. i did good models but with f15 as u know seems hard i have no idea on how to model the mid part of the f15 , so hard >> so my problem with the engines and the stuff linked with " the whole fuslage " any chance to help please? thanks and gretings

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