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  1. Decades of Executive Orders, unchallenge­able magisterial edicts issued from the Presidential palace, and laws such as the Patriot Act deprived US citizens of basic rights and person­al freedoms without them even noticing it. By the time the 4th Reich took hold and it's true nature was known it was too late. The massed military might and crippling new riot control weaponry (LRAD which was successfully tested on the 9/12 Chicago Tea Party riots of 2011) created enough fear to keep most US citizens in check, while the smart and prepared headed north to Canada...
  2. Slight, I suspect as am new to these games that SFP 1&2 are not amenable to story telling scripting and as such stories and scenarios may be limited to the space on the first flight screen of a new campaign which for 1280X1024 screen could be just 250 words = 1200 characters. Your opening 4th Reich idea has already used up half the available space! 250 words is not a lot of room to add flesh to the bones of a story, however a campaign split in parts would allow the story to twist and turn and go on to a final conclusion. This idea would require several campaigns to be linked with the choice of the next campaign depending on the result of the previous - and it would enable us to change from, say starting on the European map, to the desert/Israel map, to Nam (which can be used to simulate China, South America, etc.,) and even utilise (with permission) community maps. Your 4th Reich scenario would probably require a European map and then a simulated US/Canada map.
  3. Falkland 1982 All-Inclusive MOD

    18000+ downloads - are there that many people who like seeing us Brits as the evil "empire [that] strikes back"? The Argies were (and still are) at fault in this conflict, not the Brits and we had a right to take arms against an invader (who clearly bit of far more than they could chew!).

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