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  1. PROPS Racing will soon be recruiting pilots interested in Airracing in FSX Acceleration Pack Reno Racing. We plan to expand to several locations, add more planes and of course, our famous cross country races. There will be LOTS of great fun and competition! Email me at gary.o@westcoastatc.com for info. Gary Osif PROPS Race Director
  2. Hello Again!

    Great to hear from you! As you know by now, WCATC is going to switch the servers around and all new IPs will be sent to everyone. Stay in touch, buddy!
  3. There is a site where you can experience some great racing competition on the water! The mod is for rFactor and is free. Once you have a wheel(optional but recommended) and rFactor you're set. http://www.uhlhydroplanes.com/forum/index.php?sid=08056a2e02db0f55abdc58cb4d4f9ad1 Check it out!
  4. Also, it seems the 1.5 update increases performance a bit, too. I have installed a few mods(MaxOptics, Radar Range Rings, etc) and the RSRD package, too. Gary
  5. Thanks for the link. The front AA gun seems better, I made it thru sub school. Ran out of fish on the convoy and used the deck gun to finish the job. Gary
  6. Just reinstalled SH4(gonna update to 1.5 soon) and am beginning the learning curve. Man, the planes are tough to shoot down.....any tips? Does the multiplayer work worth a darn? One of my flying buddies is an ex-bubblehead and seems very interested in this, too. Thanks, Gary
  7. Any info on where I can get the 1.5 patch? The Ubi site only has 1.4 Thanks, Gary
  8. Anyone got a crack for SH4? GO
  9. Best entry

    Since Greg posted, we have been practicing his 'downline' onto the course. There is no substitute for actual racing but plenty of solo practice helps. Thanks for posting, Greg. Gary PROPS Race Director

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