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  1. How can I play WOE live with other people? Thanks.
  2. How come the land is so flat? No Hills or mountains? Isn't there any scenery packs?
  3. I now have Nato fighters 1, 2 & 3 installed. How do I install 4 as it does not have an automatic installation built in to it. Do I copy & replace all the files when I drop them in to WOE manually? ? Thanks.
  4. I may have cracked this, it was dumping them in separate folders within the main folder. Where can I play this game over the internet/
  5. This is ridicules I managed to get the first 2 on then I uninstalled again & can't even get the first one on now. It used to be so easy! I wonder if it's win 7?
  6. Hi guys. I decided to install WOE after all these years on windows 7 64 bit O.S. The game has the latest patch & runs just fine but I can not for the life of me install the Nato forces add ons. I uninstalled & re-installed the game. Now I don't have a thirdwire file & WOE file as I did before. What can I do to get me ack into this epic sim? Thanks.
  7. I'm a noob to WOE, I have installed NATO forces mods but I can't find anywhere to download operation dessert storm. Please help. I know it's in 3 parts somewhere.
  8. When I click multiplayer in WOE it won't auto search for servers. Can anyone give me the address codes to some active servers? would be cool to dog fight against some real people etc. Thanks.
  9. Hey Loving WOE I'm not bad with air to air guns. My problem is I need some help with missiles. For example I'll have a sidewinder & a red box around my target. I hear the buzzing noise getting louder etc. No matter what distance I get & how square on to the enemy plane I get I can't seem to get that other tilted box to create a diamond lock. Please can you give me some tips to shoot down boogies with missiles please. Should I have my radar in scan mode also or will that make me a threat from enemy radar guided missiles? A short missile use tutorial would be great. Thanks.
  10. WOE problems

    Hi. When I insttall nato forces add ons I can't get a load out & only have guns. Please help!
  11. Hi all. I just bought WOE & I love it already but I installed the 2008 patch & all the NATO forces add ons right away. When I go to load out I can only have guns? I want to practise the radars & missiles. I'm at my witts end please help.

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