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  1. If you are putting your pilot .INI, .BMP, and .LOD in sub folders, you do not need to hex edit the .LOD. Just change the name of the sub folder and change the top level .INI to match the name of the sub folder. I can post a screenshot when I get home, if that helps. So all your .LOD's will be looking for the same .BMP texture name, but it will use the .BMP in the sub folder. This saves you a little time.
  2. My versions of the skins will be in the campaign when I release it. The VMFA-314 could be made with MiTai's decals and Sundowner's generic high res skins, both available here.
  3. Some of the decals are MyTai's, some are new. Sundowners templates, and some new bump maps he sent me. The decals on VMFA-314 is all MyTai. Everything else was hi-res, accept the F-4 skins I had made, so I'm updating them. Should have just started that way.
  4. I'm setting up Jimbib's Miramar to be TWO active runways. This way you can have twice the amount of static aircraft, two sets of little guys, and two sets of heavies. Nellis AFB is already setup this way in SWUS. Especially in campaigns, you also get aircraft simultaneously taking off and landing next to you, on the other runway.
  5. You can extract an aircraft's .INI's and texture files, but you cannot extract the .LOD's, which are the 3D models. They are not extractable with the thirdwire tool.
  6. F-16N NFWS "Top Gun" 1989.


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