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  1. I removed both files and uploaded a complete version last night. It's pending approval.
  2. Still having issues? I show it as approved now.
  3. I uploaded an update to the SWUS terrain, that adds JimBib's Miramar NAS. This update will be required for the campaigns.
  4. 1.1 Update uploaded. It adds JimBib's Miramar NAS to the terrain, and will be required for the upcoming TopGun campaigns.
  5. Putting on the texture won't work unless it's remapped. That same spot on the texture is used multiple spots on the hangar. Maybe I'll hit Jim and ask.
  6. I want to put a decal on a ground object. I have this hangar in the \Objects\GroundObjects directory, and I've placed it in the terrain with the "UseGroundObject=TRUE". I have a skin folder for it, and it's showing in the terrain. I should be able to place a decal on it just like ships and any other GroundObjects, right? How do I get the mesh name and orientation. This is where I want to put it. Is "Box245" the mesh name? Thanks.
  7. Thanks guys. Blame Sundowner. I got anti-glare from the layer name in his template. :)
  8. A couple of the early MF F-14A skins only have the anti-glare markings on the left intake. Was this intentional, or was it left off by mistake? Thanks
  9. In the FlightEngine.INI, there is this: [ForceFeedback] ForceFeedback=FlightFFBEffect.ini ForceFeedbackControl=PITCH_CONTROL FadeStartTime=0.2 FadeTime=1.0 There's lots of things to tweak in the FlightFFBEffect.ini. You have to extract both from Flight.CAT. Sorry, forgot about this.
  10. I'm suggesting that you try changing the settings. First, try increasing ForceFeedbackGain. If that doesn't work, try changing ForceFeedback=0. This will disable feedback from the sim, but it maybe it will stop you from loosing stick forces around center.
  11. In the options.ini, there are the following: ForceFeedback=1 ForceFeedbackGain=100 You can increase the gain and it will stiffen the forces. I guess try that and see if it helps your issue. You can set ForceFeedback=0 and it will probably stop the problem, but you won't have feedback driven by the sim.
  12. I believe in the options.ini there are 2 or 4 parameters that deal with FF stick forces. I'll verify tonight when I get home.

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