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  1. I've never used the campaign customizer, so I don't know. You can manually edit the _data.ini to change the skin used by a squadron that already exists in the campaign. That's a one line edit. Adding a new squadron is a little more involved.
  2. It's not a bug with either, just the way the campaign system is set up. If you want to use a different skin in a campaign, you have to edit the assigned skin in the campaign's _data.ini, for that particular squadron.
  3. Pop up the help menu. There is a key stroke that gives you 1 unit at a time.
  4. I believe your strikes being focused on enemy naval fleets has soley to do with a flag in the campaigns _data.ini file, some like NAVAL_CAMPAIGN = TRUE. I don't think which executable you use affects this.
  5. IMHO, still the best terrain in SF2
  6. That worked man. Thanks so much.
  7. I will give it a try. I'm too old to learn a new tool. Thanks.
  8. I have another desktop and a laptop that I can continue to use 6.0 on.
  9. So the Photoshop 6.0 that I may, or may not have legally acquired, back in my college days, and has faithfully served me on many a computer, will not install on my new Win 10 box. What versions are you guys using? I'm fine purchasing, but all I see on Adobe's website is monthly plans.
  10. Anyone looking to unload a CH MFP?

    I have one working with SF2. It's been forever, but I just used the ch software to map the MFP keys to keyboard keys. SF2 doesn't know the difference between it and a keyboard. I have not tried to get it working on my windows 10 box, but it works fine on my win 7 box. I could share my profile file and the graphic I made.
  11. Does anyone have a CH MFP they're no longer using? I would be interested even if the unit isn't functioning, but you have the clear plastic cover and the buttons.

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