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  1. I have Lock-On: Modern Air Combat v1.02. In Flaming Cliffs, there is alot of detail when a pilot ejects. In my version: Canopy appears in the middle of the jet and goes up. Sometimes it's the wrong colour. Pilot goes up in the seat, little chute appears. Pilot come off the seat, hovers for about 2 seconds, then a parachute appears from nowhere. That sucks!!! In FC..: Canopy blows off with a small explosion, from where it acually was! ☺ Pilot ejects, small explosion and rocket fire that gets thinner from the bottom of the seat! (Small chute appears) Parachute comes out of the pilot's back and actually stretches, like the drougue chutes on the Russian jets. I would really love it if someone made a mod for that, compatible for lomac v1.02!!! Thanks
  2. Request a mod

    That's just no good. I'm dissapointed. Isn't it the same effect as when a missile is fired from a SAM site? A bit?
  3. Would it be easy to make one that is compatible for v1.02?

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