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  1. I guess it's my ENB Series configuration who make screenshots looking dark, images are unedited. More screen
  2. WIP modification for Cambrai terrain.
  3. TK First Eagles News

    1- "First Eagles 2 is just a Vista/Win7 (DX10/11) version of the First Eagles" 2- "nothing new will be inlcuded" I think that TK said everything there...
  4. Posted on Thirdwire forums by TK First Eagles 2 is just a Vista/Win7 (DX10/11) version of the First Eagles, its based on Strike Fighters 2 code, nothing new will be inlcuded. It'll be out *soon* I hope (trust me, we want this out as much as you do ). If you don't have Vista/Win7, there should be no or little reasons to pick this up. Expansion packs are where you'll see new planes and maps, and next one is probably later next year. TK -- link => http://bbs.thirdwire.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7128&start=8
  5. This is done for all the tiles who use the trees I did. and there is my data.ini entry [TerrainMesh] TextureThreshold=0.90 LowDetailMeshThreshold=0.80 MedDetailMeshThreshold=0.70 TileToHeightGridRatio=4 RenderMeshVertexCount=4096 RenderMeshIndexCount=6144 SolidObjectVertexCount=12288 SolidObjectIndexCount=18432 AlphaObjectVertexCount=16384 AlphaObjectIndexCount=16384 What I realised is that the missing trees can be randomly assigned for a same tile, not always the same trees are missing. For exemple if I fly over two tiles who are the same, trees are not missing at the same places, but a part is missing on both. weird...
  6. Sorry for that No, I have everything on high settings...
  7. Hello@all, I posted this problem in Thirdwire forum as well but as there is many terrain modding guru around, I post it here to. I have a stange problem with TE. I made a new tree object, the file contains 9 objects. i can place them to the tiles in TE (ex: 40 new trees and 15 new forest parts, total objects 55), I save, everything is ok. When I go to the game to see the results, many objects are missing (around 50%). Is it a TE bug or I do miss something?
  8. Nieuport 17bis

    It's done, thank you as well nixarass
  9. Nieuport 17bis

    Thanks a lot Panama , my planelist is now complete
  10. Nieuport 17bis

    I'm asking because this plane is requested in the readme from PlaneFest II campaign. Maybe it was a mistake and it's an other Nieuport.
  11. Hello, I'm looking for the Nieuport 17bis. From where can I download it?
  12. Directsound CTD

    Just check the propertys of your added OFF sound files. If some are 32bit you can convert them with Audacity. It's free and easy to use.
  13. If ever at the end of your mission you get this type of Windows error "Faulting application wwi.exe, version, faulting module directsound.dll, version, fault address 0x000026c7". It's related to this mod Realistic gun sounds for FE. To correct the problem you need to either uninstall the mod or edit the "lewis.waw" file to encode it in 16bit. File is encoded in 32bit and FE only support 16bit sound. This manipulation stopped my CTD.
  14. Leader

    Thanks for your answer, I'm starting to discover all those subtilities
  15. Odd smoke

    It's IL2 clouds for First Eagles... To get rid of it simply delete the "environementsystem.ini" file who come with the mod and keep the one from WideSky V1.0. There's only minor modification about sunlighting in it, it doesn't change nothing instead of having those yellow clouds in the sky and blue smoke's on the ground.

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