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  1. Hi Uncleal and Sitting duck Finally I unistalled my somehow screwed up installation of OFF P3 and gave it a new try. This time I didn't change the proposed path of the OFF DVD installation wizard (D:\OBDsoftware\...). It worked flawless also for both patches (super + mini V 1.32). Now I am flying up to date! Thanks for your advices. Active
  2. Hi Probably I have to try a fresh install of OFF P3. I uncompressed the patch to a folder first before installing. My current installation of OFF P3 is in a folder that is not named "OBDsoftware" (I have changed the standard installation path when I installed OFF first time). Just to change the name of the folder doesn't work for me. Active
  3. Hi flyers, I've got a serious problem with the installation of the OFF P3 Superpatch V1.32. If I try to start the unpacked patch file (OverFlandersFields_Patch12V1pt32SuperPatch.exe) I get two error messages that pop up in two message fields: "Setup cannot find your OVER FLANDERS FIELDS installation. This patch cannot be installed" and then Runtime error (at 24:454): "Patch installation cancelled. OFF installation not found." What could be the reason. I tried to carry out the patch on a clean OFF P3 installation that runs so far. I tried a second download of the patch from a different mirror - same problem. It also doesn't work for the 1.32 minipatch. Same issue as mentioned above. Is there anybody who can help me please? Thanks Active

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