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  1. Geezer I have been leaving messages for you on this board but I don't know if you are receiving them. I would like to ask your permission to modify one of your german pilots for use in WOFF. I am not sure what your current relationship with OldHat is as I know he was working with your models for the WOFF environment. He is currently out of action and I would like to re-awaken the issue of using some of your models. You can message me on this board or if you would like to go off board let me know how to  reach you.


    Best Regards

    Robert Wiggins

  2. Been some time since I logged on to CA. Nice to see some old friends still active here. Since it is getting close to Christmas, let me extend best wishes to you all and all your families. May you all have some great social times with your families and friends. That said, I still actively fly WOFF UE and participate in the DiD campaigns over at SIMHQ. I am still active building facilites for the sim. My latest is a rebuild of Filescamp Farm which has occupied most of my free time for the past week. Special hello to Olham, Hauksbee, and Attril, HUmanDrone and Andy73. I wonder how many of you have the latest WOFF UE installed. Best Regards to all.
  3. Been a loooooooog time since I dropped in here. I still see some familiar handles. I haven't been flying WOFF UE much since my DiD campaign finished at SIMHQ. Real life and the hunting season has kept me pretty busy. Hope to get some time over the winter to get back at modding Cheers to all.
  4. All I could think of is "the terrible destruction and waste in war".
  5. Hauksbee; I have a question for you regarding GMAX. I am currently using SketchUP for modeling and then importing into GMAX for final rendering. That said, I have an issue with poly count (Who doesn't!!). I have a model of a tree which has high poly on the components (trunk and several leaf layers). I would like to lower the poly count globally on each layer instead of having to redraw each leaf and trunk part. Have you had any experience in this kind of thing or know if there is a GMAX feature to do this? I really need to start creating low poly trees and so far have been experimenting with imported models but I need to find a way to propagate leaves quickly without having to draw each individually. Even copy and past of each leaf would be time consuming. If you have any experience with making trees I would appreciate some pointers in these specific areas. I am currently working with Lou and Olham on Boistrancourt and Roucourt. We have made fairly good progress with Roucourt but need the Chateau and cathedral built. We currently have a substitute WOFF cathedral which is far too big. I would also like to replace the stock WOFF trees which are rather poor when rendered in comparison to those auto generated in the sim. I sure would like to have access to the auto generated models. Best Regards;
  6. That's a new one for me Widow! Tnx
  7. Widow, what a great photo that captures the moment! When I saw it, my mind began wondering with thoughts of what those two might have been thinking at that moment in time.To have been foes, friends and then back to foes again in such a short time. You can't help but wonder what that moment left in each mans soul as they departed back to their trenches. It's hard to fathom how that impacted them.
  8. I too, have it and could make it available through Dropbox if Jim can't come through with it.
  9. Hauksbee; Congratulations on your progress! You are a better man than I sir! I took a run at the task and failed dismally. It seems I need some really formal training at minimum . Keep up the good fight! It seems you are getting there
  10. Widow shared a passion for the Camel that I also did. I have flown the snipe and although it is not as snappy in turns as the camel, it is a fine craft/
  11. Guess I should add my john henry here as well! Best Regards; John Henry
  12. Hello

    I love bananas too! I have one every day!!
  13. I'm late to this thread. I don't get over to CA much these days, but this thread is great so thanks Olham, Jim and Hauksbee for all the dialogue. I will be watching for the book release Jim.
  14. My thought are that any reference to WOFF shoulb be removed but that the OFF portion should remain. There are still some people flying OFF. I would recommend an entry that points all WOFFers to the new site. I don't think the OFF forum zhojld be taken down until there is no access activity on it or it's download files for 6 months, assuming it can be monitored for access. Just my humble thoughts

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