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  1. Books?

    And to add another book, "William Barker VC by Wayne Ralphs" which covers Canadian training, the Italian Campaign and the western front with significant coverage on two seater Obs by a much forgotten Canadian Ace. Well worth the read if you can still find it. Regards
  2. Training V2.0

    Just wondering if engine failures are modeller for the AI, and if that could have happened to Old Triggers!
  3. Lou!!! Such a gawdy coat!! The Red Tabs will be on you in no time, if the coppers don't catch up to you first! sly move to hide out in the armed forces and have your own getaway at your disposal!! Yup, Chuffs will go far, if he doesn't get caught for his licentious shenannigans, or get killed by the Hun!
  4. Oh Hell, count me in too! It's been too long
  5. Simulation.xml error

    Bagpipe; With regards to your first question, it would be best to send a Private Message (PM) to the originator of the UE mods and ask them directly if you want to be sure. Keep in mind that some of the mod originators are only on the SimHQ site, so if you don't have an ID over there, it would be a good idea to register with SimHQ. There are still a lot of WOFFers over there that don't come over to CA but may in the future. There is also a lot of WOFF threads over there that are not duplicated over here, so some good info worth looking at. Best Regards
  6. Simulation.xml error

    Ha Ha BB; Bagpipe, the following link will take you directly to the Backup Utility mod: https://thatoneplease.co/WOFF/WOFFUserFilesBackupProgram.zip You should take the time to peruse the site below because their are many interesting mods there: https://thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html
  7. Simulation.xml error

    There is a backup utility on Sandbagger's web site under the "Tools" tab, for pilot and other essential files. Consult the ReadMe file that comes with it.
  8. Trooper117; Well the short answer is, the mod populates all of the stock and custom airfields with airfield with personnel and equipment to add atmosphere,' The custom airfields included in the mod are far more realistic in their composition than the stock ones. I would recommend you to try the mods out and decide for yourself. They are JSGME and auto install to the Mods folder. This approach allows you to activate and deactivate the mod without having to worry about permanently altering your stock installation. In summary, the proof is in the pudding! Try it and then you can make a decision based on experience. Best Regards
  9. Hi folks; I could use some help here. I would like to establish just how many of the WOFFers are using the "Consolidated Custom Facilities Mods" that are hosted on Sandbagger's web site and in addition which version of WOFF you are currently running (BH&H II, PE, UE, or Other). If you are a user of the mods, would you kindly identify yourself in this thread and what version of WOFF you currently run. Best Regards
  10. MODS release

    Hi all, The latest updates for the 'WOFF - Consolidated Custom Facilities Mods' are now available on Sandbagger's Web site under the "Airfields" Link to the site: https://thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html The page are dated 28th April 2021. If you don't see that date in the header block of those pages, clear your internet cache or refresh the page.
  11. MODS release

    Updates to WOFF - Consolidated Custom Facilities Mods Sandbagger is in the process of uploading the modified components of the "WOFF - Consolidated Custom Facilities Mods". They can be obtained at the following link: https://thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html under the "Airfields" tab. WAIT A DAY OR SO, do not download any of the component mods that are there previous to today. The updates to the following mods have been done to make them compliant with the naming conventions of BH&H II. If you are on BH&H II you should update these mods if you are running any previous releases: "WOFF 2 BH&HII - Consolidated Periods and CampaignData Mod by RJW" "WOFF 4a - Consolidated Custom Airfields Mod" Please be aware that the following custom airfields by RAF_Louvert have not been updated at this time but are included in the mods. You should not have any problem with Lou's airfields but if you do just let me know: Bertangles Conteville Vert Galand La Lovie Bailleul Estrée-Blanche Belfort St. Omer Bray Dunes Boistrancourt Farnborough The updates to the following mods have been done to populate the stock WOFF airfields within the "WOFF - Consolidated Custom Facilities Mods" suite: "WOFF 1 - 1914+ Custom Facilities - Full Trees Populated by Panama Red" "WOFF 1 - 1917+ Custom Facilities - Full Trees Populated by Panama Red" "WOFF 1 - 1917+ Custom Facilities -Reduced Trees Populated by Panama Red" "WOFF 1 - 1918+ Custom Facilities - Full Trees Populated by Panama Red" "WOFF 1 - 1918+ Custom Facilities -Reduced Trees Populated by Panama Red" Please also download and read the "WOFF - Consolidated Custom Mods Summary Readme.docx" file which explains the updates. Best Regards
  12. Hi Graham; Here is a link to Sandbagger's web site where you will find loads of mods for WOFF: https://thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html When you click on the link, you will see a table that has the word "Tools" and to the right of it "Click Here". When you click the "Click Here" button you will be sent to another page that contains a list of all the tools. The first tool at the top of the page is "JSGME Mod Enabler utility (Version 2.6.0)". use you mouse to left click on the image and it will download the tool for you and save it on your disk (probasbly in your "downloads" folder as a file called "JSGMEModEnablerfromJoneSoft.zip". I am assuming you have an uzip tool like "7-zip" that you can use to unzip the file. When you unzip it you will have two files, one is called "jsgme_setup.exe", and one is "JSGME_Installer_Readme.rtf". double click on the "JSGME_Installer_Readme.rtf" and read the contents of the file. Once you understand the contents then close the file and double click on the "jsgme_setup.exe". and it will install the JSGME mod enabler and put an icon on your desk top which you will use to view and activate any mods in your "MODS" folder. This mod enabler was especially built to install the "MODS" folder in the proper place for "WOFF". Next use "Windows Explorer" and navigate to where you just installed the JSGME "MODS" folder which should be under the folder "OBDSoftware\WOFF\MODS". Now that you know where the "MODS" folder is, you need to install all your mods into it. Some of the mods on Sandbagger's site are what is known as "self extracting JSGME mods" and these ones will install the mod directly into your mods folder for you and bring up the JSGME panel so you can activate the mod all in one go. Other mods need to be copied directly into the mods folder and then you will use the JSGME app to manipulate those mods making them active or de-active. most mods on Sandbagger's web site are ".zip" files which you need to unzip, and when you do you will find a Readme" file which you should always read first since it tell you all you need to know about the mod that accompanies it. Hope this helps. If you have any problems, just get back to me. Best Regards
  13. Graham You need to install the JSGME Mod Enabler from Sandbagger's web site. Once you install JSGME by running the above utility, yo then just copy the downloaded FM mod into the "Mods" folder which will be the next folder under "WOFF" folder. Hope that is clear but if not, just get back to me.

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