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  1. OT (WW2) The Great Escape

    Substantial research (I googled it last night) reveals it was a made for TV movie 1988 called "The Great Escape II: The Untold Story" with Christopher Reeves and Judd Hirsch. And would you believe it Donald Pleasance playing the evil gestapo what a hoot haha. I think the black beret you are thinking of was from the excellent late 70's series about Belgian resistance "ello ello" oops I mean "SECRET ARMY". BTW fount of all knowledge google also list NO Australian successfully escaping. Hmmmm. So much for James Coburn then.
  2. OT (WW2) The Great Escape

    Hi Flyby glad to see you again I was sad to see you leave simouthouse last year. I thought one of the successful escapers was an Aussie. BTW I can recall seeing a film a few years back that was a "sequel" to TGE, basically it showed some soldiers or agents going back into Germany, hunting down the Gestapo responsible and capping them. I think it was because a relative of Churchill (incognito) was in the escape and cant remember if he was on executed or one of the lucky ones. It had to be made much later as there was one of those time limit thingies about secrets placed on the operation after the war. cheers bison BTWx2 - I completely agree with your film selections. Always loved the end of TLD with wounded pilot Richard Burtons soliloquay and the German with boots on back to front
  3. OT (WW2) The Great Escape

    You are in luck, the same production team including Spielberg and Hanks has been making "The Pacific" for the past three years, its based on two marine memoirs (Helmet for my Pillow and With the Old Breed by Eugene Sledge and Robert Leckie). Will be out early next year. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pacific_%28miniseries%29
  4. OT (WW2) The Great Escape

    Hell in the Pacific with Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune
  5. what a shame when simouthouse crashed and all that history was lost. There was an excellent thread on this very topic which ended up greatly enhancing my library (and denuding bank account). Two of the best are Winged Victory by VM Yeates and Sagittarius Rising by Cecil Lewis - hard to beat. cheers bison
  6. BBC Wings

    VP, you are a scholar and a gentleman, despite that trifling incident on the Volga cheers bison ps I have been hunting for years, including only last week. what a laugh
  7. haven't been doing anything fun at all for whole year unfortunately, its been pretty depressing and only just hung in there by skin of teeth. Just ordered my copy the other day so things must be looking up. Now to pop over to PD's and see I'm still welcome there, maybe not after my lame jokes hehe Thanks stump. bison
  8. BBC Wings

    NOOOOoooooo...... they dont sell to Australia! Only Europe. sigh :-( the wait goes on, its only been since 1977 bison
  9. OT What Job do you do?

    pretty much the same job isn't it RD? I'm a building designer working in a call centre.
  10. what about the new il2, that ever get up? what was it, battle of britain?
  11. Gentleman, after an annus horribilus I have managed to return and hope that some here at OFF remember moi from the phase days. I notice that catch (presumably catch22?) has decided to retire (temporarily I hope), but many other familiar names abound and I am looking forward to getting reacquainted. At the risk of bringing death from above down on my head, I have a question: what has happened to KoTS? Is it still being developed? When I got shot down in flames in '08 it was being touted as TNBT (largely by Gennadi?) cheers bison

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