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  1. Joystick Woes

    Have tried giving it a good douse of electrical contact cleaner? Has worked wonders for controllers I thought were dead
  2. since cfs3 wont play saying it needs the cd, i'd guess the problem is more with cfs3 and the exe files....or are you able to run vanilla cfs3 3.1a without getting the no disc error?
  3. Don't be too afraid to try the no-cd fix. as long as you backup the original file, using the 3.1a crack isn't as bad as some make it out to be. it is certainly worth trying for sure
  4. That is very interesting and informative! Nice work there Olham
  5. A Piece of Art

    Im very impressed with those cockpits. Wasnt sure P4 would be much of an upgrade, but I am glad to see that isnt the case. I especially love the Albatrosses. Looks fantastic devs!
  6. Now, fly for 6 months or so, then try going back to just the hat switch. It will hurt! Close to having to fly with just a keyboard after using a joystick!
  7. Well at least they get credit for thinking outside of the box and trying new things... a little credit anyways!
  8. Flickering clouds

    Thanks a ton! I'll try those out. Good to know I am not the only one at least!
  9. Be it that Im flying in the winter of 1916, I have often been facing some rather unpleasant weather: clouds, rain, snow, fog, sleet, etc. I do experience an occasional flickering or disappearing and reappearing cloud from time to time. Nothing that is too much of a bother, but is there a graphical override setting I can set so that the clouds don't do this? I recently upgraded my video card from a 9800 gtx to a 460 gtx but both have displayed this occasional quirk so Im guessing its not the video card. Or is it perhaps the result of some corrupted file in OFF? Again, not a major issue, but just curious if anyone else has run into this and if anything can be done about it...
  10. No white triangles with trackir?! must be nice. any one know what settings to use, or if even possible, to achieve that with an nvidia card? It'd be nice not to have to imagine those graphic anomalies when looking behind arent the result of a flying scarf!
  11. So I take it you guys aren't too enamored with the fixed cockpit ladder?
  12. if you werent before, try using windows update for it and not downloading from the MS webpage. or so they advise....

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