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  1. ive never managed to find it either :?
  2. Thought you guys might be interested in this if you havent seen it already http://oldsite.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/board...c;f=55;t=005977
  3. you guys have probably seen this but OMG :shock: ftp://ftp.ubisoft.com/games/lomac/media/showoff.zip
  4. i found it now just wasnt choosing strike as my mission type absolutley invaluable piece of kit btw
  5. Having got the hang of dogfighting now i recently downloaded the range to get the hang of bombing and general ground attack work. Only problem is i cant seem to find it anywhere. What sort of mission do you fly when using the range and where the hell is it. Im really sorry about the constant flow of stoopid questions from me ill get the hang of this soon i promise lol :roll:
  6. If anyones having probs with CFS3 i recommend they join us at www.sim-outhouse.com all the mods and tricks you need there
  7. Have put a lot of the radar and weapon commands on the joystick already as i am used to having this in CFS3. I have however been having difficulty in selecting another target after shooting down a mig. The game apears to hold the target until the aircraft has crashed. what command are you using to select nearest available target??? Soryy for all the questions now i have seen a glint of light i want more hehe
  8. Thanks for all the help guys i wasnt using the bore site mode before was hapilly shooting down migs all last night :twisted: :twisted: now to step up to one of the harder levels
  9. Hi i bought this game a while ago after having had great fun with CFS3. I have downloaded and read all the tutorials i can find for this game but i still cant seem to shoot anything down lol. Im going to uninstall this game unless i can get to grips with it. Please can someone give me an idea of tactics etc? So far i have had one sidewinder kill and a gun kill. I cant even get a radar misile to lock on let alone fire it lol. With sidewinder i select the missile get the bogey in the sight till i get the high pitched sound and fire but allways seem to miss :( Any help would be most appreciated
  10. F89C???

    I think its the folder name i will have a go when i get home from work
  11. Thats what i did Dueces just wanted to check i was right thanks
  12. Have downloaded this fine looking bord but cant seem to get it to work in game. have tried putting the files in both the object/aircraft/F86C and object/F86C but no joy any ideas????? I promise i will calm down with all the questions lol just need to get the hang of modding this like i do CFS3 :roll:
  13. Hi again guys! I have downloaded the deuces euro terrain and installed it. Only problem is the readme mentions a campagn.zip I can find this on the file i downloaded and have carried out various searches. I found one post on another forum, which suggested i make a copy of the stock campagn and make alterations to it does this sound right???? I apologise if this has been raised in a previous post on this forum but i have searched and searched and cant find anything.
  14. I believe i need to combine weapon files to get all the loadouts to work? Can anyone let me know of an easy way to do this or do you have to hexedit all the files Sorry for all the questions again guys
  15. Thanks for the help guys guess i have got a long night ahead installing this lot :shock:

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