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  1. Hello Wpnssgt_1, WoW!! That Warthog is looking awesome! I can't wait until it's done so I can disrupt the enemy ground forces. I've been waiting for Lock-On to be released just for this aircraft. This will give me the oppertunity to fly it before Lock-On is released. But I have two question's about the aircraft model itself. My first question is,are you going to finish the "Pave Penny" under the cockpit? You seem to have left out the little pod that's attached to the bottom of the "Pave Penny". And it look's like you have it upside down on the model (the wide part should be on the top and the skinner part should be on the bottom). My second question is,are you going to fix the canopy? It look's to tall and to rounded. It should look more like a P-51D canopy. The reason why I'm asking is because I just did a 1/48th scale plastic model of a A-10 Thunderbolt II last summer. The kit is by Revell/Monogram and when I was looking at it those two thing's caught my attention. But other than those two thing's,it look's awesome. I'm very impressed and very happy to see that it will be in SF soon. Keep up the excellent work!! =S= P.S. Sorry if I'm being to picky about your model of the A-10. But I just have this artist perfection problem. If something don't look right,it'll drive me nut's until I fix it. I'm only trying to help out.
  2. Hello Ranger332, I know how it is. There was alot of that just after the "Paint Schemes Forum" was opened over at il2sturmovik.com. Luckily I wasn't one of those accused. But a few of the very best skinner's were. However,they proved those who claimed they were stolen skin's wrong. I will definately learn how to take vid's from the sim and how to upload them. I don't want anyone to accuse me of something,not that I would give a care anyway's. Let them think what they want and I'll just keep on skinning!! 8) Thank's for all the help!! =S=
  3. Hello Ranger332, Thank's for the comment's. I really appreciate it. Expecially being new to the forum's and all. I didn't think about using the decal's from the game. Quite frankly I thought the game itself would apply them. I wasn't aware that I had to post the decal information in the skin file. Nice to know though. I'll have to check them out and find the decal's I want to use. Thank's for that bit of info though. As for people that may think I stole someone else's hard work,they can think that all they want. They would have to come up with hard evidence to prove it. I used the template that is uploaded here and a profile from another site (which I can post if someone thought I did). However,I will be using a new template from a friend of mine. But if people want to think I stole somebodies hard work,fine let me. But you better have hard evidence. The work I do is whatever I want to do. Whatever pop's into my mind is what I'll do. Wether it's historical or not. I'm not really into modern fighter's like I've said before. So this is all for my personal fun. But if people like it enough,I will uploaded for everyone. =S= Hello Gecko, Thank you for the very nice comment's aswell. I appreciate it alot. But this isn't my first skin ever. I've been skinning aircraft since the release of IL-2 Sturmovik. But I have moved onto IL-2 Sturmovik:Forgotten Battles now. However,this is my first skin for Strike Fighters if that's what you were refering too. I will probably do more,but it's alot of work to produce a skin for this skin. It takes me anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hour's to produce a skin for IL-2:FB. As for doing one for this sim it takes even longer. This skin here took me at least 4 day's,and was a real pain in my rear. But thank you for the comment's and maybe I'll do some euro skin's in the future. =S=
  4. Hello Everybody, I have finished my Phantom paint scheme for Strike Fighters. It took me a very long time to complete do to the many template's. I am not used to doing repaint's with more than one template. So it was very tricky to line everything up correctly. I found a profile on the net of a top down view and went from there. The color's are of my personal choice. They work very well for over sea opperation's. I probably changed the scheme several time's before the final version. There are no marking's what-so-ever. I didn't like how the turned out when applied to the template's directly. They came out real blurry. I read the decal tutorial that someone was kind enough to post a link. But it's to much for me to take on. Would be nice if there was a decal file to download with the wanring marking's,etc. to use. If there was I would have some marking's on my paint scheme. Oh well. Please tell me what you think. Good or bad. Not sure when I'll skin again for Strike Fighters because it is a real pain for me. Well here's a few screenshot's. Enjoy!! =S=
  5. Hello MadJeff, All changed. Hope it's better than the last color. =S=
  6. Hello Ranger, So basically what your saying is they aren't implemented in the sim. But the key command is there for when they are. Maybe we'll see them in the next patch. Whenever that is. Thank's for the response. =S=
  7. Hello Everybody, I've been doing alot of flying in the F-4E. In fact it's pretty much the only jet I fly. I've checked out the keyboard mapping and noticed there is an option for the "drag chute". I've pressed the key command but nothing happen's. I know for a fact that the F-4E Phantom had two drag chutes. Our airbase had F-4E's stationed for many year's and I've watched them take off and land. I never seen one Phantom land at our airbase without deploying the two drag chutes. I just did a search here for other thread's on the subject. But I didn't find anything helpful. So this bring's me to ask the question,does Strike Fighters support drag chutes as of now,or are they a feature yet to be added? I would really like to see them for the F-4E and any other jet's that had them. For now I've just increased the braking power a bit. I was getting sick of running out of runway. Thank's in advance for any replies on the subject. Oh and sorry for bringing this back up. =S=
  8. Hello Echo333, I think I have figured it out. But I'm still messing around. I'll know sooner or later if I got it. Thank's for the reply. =S=
  9. Hello Everybody, Can't anyone help me with this? :( I would really appreciate it. =S=
  10. Hello Everybody, I recently downloaded the "Weapons Editor" so I could create a few loadout's for myself. I opened up the zip file and there's two different editor's. The "Gun Editor" and "Weapons Editor". But there was no "Read Me" file instructing how to use either one of them. Can somebody please explain how to use them both? I'd really like to create a few different loadout's for certain types of mission's. If you could help please reply. It's much appreciated. =S=
  11. Hello Beer, Thank's alot for all your help. I really appreciate it. I downloaded the decal tutorial and I will look into very soon. Hopefully I'll be able to understand it. Well thank's alot. Have a good one. =S= P.S. Oops .... I forgot if anyone know's how to make the jet's taxi better? Steering is terrible.
  12. Hello Beer, I looked in another thread posted here about decal's. Somebody posted the link to the decal tutorial,but the page wouldn't show. I looked at quite a few website's but haven't found it. I appreciate all the help. It's nice to join a new forum and meet good people. As for increasing the DPI,I've download a template for the F-4E Phantom and it was 512x512. But after looking at the beginning of my skin,I wasn't happy with it. So I resized the template to 1024x1024 and I'm still not happy with the resault. What's the limit to resolution for the skin? I might have to increase it a bit more. I've looked at a few skin's I've downloaded and their marking's are very clear. Wish I could get mine like that. Well thank's again. =S= P.S. Is there anyway to show the fps on the screen while flying?
  13. Hello Beer, Well I guess I could give it ago when I have the time. That's if it's not to complicated. I am new to Strike Fighters. :) But could you explain to me how these decal's are used. I've added some marking's onto the skin itself,but quality was very poor. I get better resault's in IL-2:FB,even when using a 512x512 template. :roll: I just don't have an understanding to how thing's work in Stirke Fighters. Thank's. =S=
  14. Hello Guy's, Thank's for all the suggestion's you've given. But I don't have alot of time to search for let alone read tutorial's. I'm just getting into Strike Fighters and don't want to get my hand's in something I don't have a clue on. I've done that once before. A simple layered template with marking's as I mentioned above is far easier for me. Expecially with the limited time I have online and on the computer. It's much easier for me to place the marking's right onto a layer in a template. But before I go,could you tell me what resolution's and color depth Strike Fighters can support. I'd really appreciate it since I'm used to the 1024x1024 8bit in IL-2:FB. Thank's again for your help. =S=
  15. Hello Everybody, I am new here to Strike Fighters. I am really enjoying it alot. After playing flight sim's like Fighter Ace,Aces High,IL-2 Sturmovik,and IL-2:Forgotten Battles,I needed a bit of a change. Im not much of a jet buff,but I've alway's loved the F-4E Phantom. A friend told me about this sim and I went out and bought it. I am using Strike Fighters to get me used to the jet flight sim's. I'm really looking forward to Lock On when it's released. I'm drawn to it because of the A-10 Warthog which is another jet I've loved. Anyway's,I've been skinning planes for IL-2 and IL-2:FB and would really like to paint a few planes for Stike Fighters. I've already downloaded some add-on's and some template's. I have even started to paint a F-4E Phantom for my personal use. But I have one small problem. I don't have any marking's for these type's of aircraft. I was wondering if anybody could tell me where I could find a layered template of modern marking's. I'm looking for national marking's,warning marking's,jet intake marking's,and those types. Can anybody help me? I'd really appreciate the help if at all possible. Thank's alot! =S= Sincerely, Wolf_Fangs

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