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  1. C-130 Hercules Superpack

    Nice set of C-130s, excellent work Dels!
  2. Airpower Mods Projects

  3. Merry Christmas..........

    Merry Christmas!
  4. A question for any B-1B experts

    That clears it up perfectly, thanks guys. I kinda figured ECM but it's odd they didn't finish the upgrade. I'm still looking for decal sets.
  5. I'm working on a 1/48 scale B-1B (gotta get the details right lol) and I've noticed two different configs for antennas on the rear of the aircraft. Can anyone tell me what they are or the reason for two different setups? I'm still working on what aircraft to model but the use of the sniper pod and JDAMs is definte. Thanks
  6. Happy Thanksgiving.............

    Prepare for Turkey coma...
  7. Remembrance Sunday

  8. P-51 down

  9. B-2A with MOP

    wow, I can't stand up now That is freaking impressive!
  10. Nothing better than seeing somewhere you were stationed modeled in a combat sim! Really looking forward to this!!
  11. 10 Years with Combat Ace

    wow I can't believe it's been 10 years I need to get back on this wagon! anybody else feel old?
  12. F-15E Down over Libya

    Wow, what are the chances
  13. T-38s resurrected as aggressors for F-22s

    It surprised me that they didn't make another F-15 or F-16 Aggressor Sq. as it looks the Aggressor glory days are coming back.

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