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  1. Wotcha pilots, I'm just begining to gather the requirements for OFF. My copy of CF3 has just arrived and it says on the box that it is NOT Vista compatible. And yes, I run Vista. Can anyone plase tell me, do I need to look for a patch, a compatible version, or does installing OFF convert it to compatible somehow?
  2. Amazing piece of flying, or amazing fake. Either way it's ... erm ... amazing.
  3. A sim? That thing I have in my mobile?

    Thank you. Just the heads-up I needed. I've been to the site (via your signature link) and found UK outlets. Might be a while before I can smuggle the required hardware past ground control (Mrs Redvilst) but at least I know where to start.
  4. Wotcha pilots! At the moment I have both feet planted firmly in the mud while I look up at you guys in the sky thinking "That looks neat. I wonder if I could do that?" The last time I sat in front of a PC with a joystick attached it was to shoot at Darth Vader from an X-wing in the early 90's. I have never been tempted back to anything remotely resembling a combat flight sim, or a non-combat sim for that matter, until I read about OFF. My interest is First World War aviation (and WW1 in general - one book published by Pen & Sword "Die Hard, Aby!"), and I am researching the requirments to set up my PC specifically for OFF. Is there anybody out there who can recommend a joystick that most resembles the feel and functionality of a WW1 stringbag please? Also, do people use rudder controls or rely on keyboard functions for that? I have read about the Track IR system, which looks good, but I am very ignorant about what's out there in terms of flight sim hardware. A lot of the information I've found so far assumes a good deal of experience and so even the acronyms fly over my head. I am sure these are questions that have been answered before, so I would appreciate any links to the answers. Thanks guys. David.

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