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  1. YEEEEEEEEES !!!!!! , i just reset OFF files in workshop as you said thanks uncleal Tofke
  2. Hi, pressing F3 and F6 dont resolve my problem, i try fuel gauges view, pilot view, ironsight view, my gunsight still blocked So Pol you can use "teamviewer" to take control of my pc and play a quick battle to see the problem tell me if you want to give a try thanks gentlemens best regards Tofke
  3. hi, first of all thanks for reply, my resolution is 1600x900 32 (i played like this with OFF since 1 year) as i said other game like "falcon" or "lock on" runs perfectly with the same resolution dont understand what's going wrong with my gunsight i check my graphics options, my keyboard layout and my thrumaster, but nothing is wrong 1 week ago, all runs good Help please this problem kill my game best regards Tofke
  4. Hi Gentlemen, i have a big problem with OFF, never seen before my sight circle is blocked at the down and right of the screen instead to be in the middle of the screen it's difficult for me to explain cause english is not my language, so i take 2 screenshots and another one at 0 mph i check my t-flight joystick with "lock on" and "Falcon" and all is right i recheck the OFF keys and i cant find the problem, all looks right this problem affect all aircraft in the game my notebook is an Asus g73JW, 6 go, I5, nvidia GTX460M with 1,5go, i'm running with windows Seven 64 thanks for help Tofke
  5. Hi gentlemen i have a new computer and i want to play over flanders fields on it, so i begin by installing my old cfs3 and patched it with 3.1, i made a fly with cfs3... ok that's works fine i install overflanders fields without problem and patched it with 1.32 superpatch and 1.32g i install hat on the ring and patched it to 1.47 i launch "off" and i create a new pilot, but when i want to make a quick combat, campaign or scenario i have the message "insert the right cd blablabla" but the cd "cfs3 disk 2" is in my computer (and my computer recognize it but not over flanders fields) !!!!!! please help me, i have no problem with my old laptop and here i have a g73 asus with i5, 6 gigas of ram, nvidia 460 gtx with 1,5 gigas, and i cant play ! thanks for response Tofke (belgium)
  6. the last in line... RIP Dio Tofke
  7. thanks a lot for all reply... it's very helpfull thanks Olhamtje for the screenshot Peace Tofke
  8. Hi Gentlemen, in CFS3 Config, what are yours settings for overrides, textures info, zbias etc... ? anybody can take a screenshot of his settings, thanks ! peace Tofke
  9. ok thanks folks for reply
  10. Ok thank a lot gentlemen for all reply, i m happy to see your understand my point of view , my english writting is not famous and i was afraid that you all think it's an offensiv post to the game...could you please give me the difference between "die roll on death" option and "dead is dead". i dont unterstand "Olham : I am very, very glad that we have the opportunity to fly it so realistic, cause I hate arcade sims." i know what you mean Olham, but all air sim like IL-2 1946, pacific fighters, KA 50 blackshark, Falcon, or Lockon are or can be a terrific realistic game (ka50 and falcon) and they have a "save button", 99,9 % of sim have a "save button"... if i die in the sky i woud like to redo my mission... in off if you die you continue to the next mission (whith "never die" setting) (i hope you know what i mean) Off is a great game, and i'm glad to play it i'm just a newbie with this sim and i have a lot of questions in my bag... peace and thanks again Tofke
  11. Morris, i know what you mean, but i played a lot of years with silent hunter 3. sh3 is a very realistic sub sim and the game have a "save button"... and you can progress and gain new sub all the war time etc... there is a "tips" by Herr Prop-wasche http://forum.combatace.com/topic/55367-offuserbackupfiles-program/ but it's only if you have OFF installed on C:, unfortunately my install is on the D: as i said my campaigns are always very short (5 or 6 missions). i bought off phase 3 and HitR 2 weeks ago and that's begin to seriously boring me to create a new pilot every 5 or 6 missions... Peace Tofke
  12. Hi Morris, my best campaign is only 5 or 6 missions before death... all my campaigns are very shortly :( peace Tofke
  13. Hi, there will be a save "button" in phase 4 after each mission ? peace Tofke
  14. Hi uncleal, use Cpuiz + genclock + (for me) nvidia tweak, you may gain 7 to 10 fps, give a try (what is your resolution in the game ?) 1280 x 1024 is a good deal Tofke

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