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  1. File Name :: Fi156 Repaint (with swastikas) Author :: Norman_Knight Category :: 2K4 Mil Aircraft Repaints Description :: This repaint adds the swastika signs to Mike Werners Fi156 Add-On. The file contains the textures only. Updated Mon, May 30 2005 11:09 am View File
  2. Fi156 Repaint (with swastikas)



    This repaint adds the swastika signs to Mike Werners Fi156 Add-On. The file contains the textures only.
  3. A bug was reported: The RWR was not working because the node name must be RWR instead of RWRscreen. I changed this and uploaded a new Beta 0.13.10. (904kb download) http://www.schmidtwerner.de/products/e_f-111_pit.html You will have to uninstall old beta first or you have two uninnstallers after an over-installation of the new beta ... (its because I wrote the version number into the uninstaller, sorry) You may also download a Fix (330kb download) http://vwarrior.tripod.com/download_fix.html Of course you can also simply edit the cockpit.ini-files and change RWRscreen to RWR (0kb download ;) ). Greetings!
  4. Hi all! I just released a beta of my F-111 cockpit today. You will find it at www.schmidtwerner.de Greetings! Norman_Knight
  5. If you buy 3DS Max used at ebay, you and the seller must get a written permission from discreet. If you make the deal without contacting discreet to transfer the license, you will get no support and no updates for you MAX.
  6. Hmmm ... It realy seems to be a general problem with Max 3.1. It simply does not load the plug-in I think. It is the correct (3.1) plugin, put to 3dsmax/plugins folder but if I open the utility-list it isn't available there. A plug-in manager to manualy load a plug-in is not available in Max 3.1 I think - or at least I have never seen one (but maybee I was blind). But perhaps there is an plug-in-manager-plugin ;) I also did read something about a Max 4 plugin not working under Windows ME ... maybee Windows ME is the reason for the not working 3wExporter.dlu, too. Greetings, Norman_Knight
  7. Thank you for your reply. I did everything like you say but I cant find the Exporter in the Utilities-List. Maybee it doesn't like German OS (but MAX is Ennglish version) or maybee I have an corrupted download of the plugin. Or perhaps I have to reinstall Max. I hope it is not a general problem with Max 3.1 because I don't like to buy an update only for this plugin. Greetings Norman_Knight
  8. Hi all! I just downloaded the ThirdWire-Exporter and copied the 3wExporter.dlu to 3D Max plugin directory. But for some reason I can not find the StrikeFighters-Format in the export options. Also there is no export-tool available on the utilities-tab. So what could be wrong? I have 3D Studio Max 3.1 running on Windows ME. Greetings Norman_Knight

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