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  1. Hi All, I'm new to LOMAC and I really like some parts of the program. Two things are really bugging me though. I was flying the F-15 and the vertical performance wasn't anything like it should be for a thrust to weight ratio greater than one. That plane should accellerate in the vertical, not suffer from speed decay and stall. The other thing that is really bothersome is the sound starts ok at launch but becomes slowed down and distorted after I end the first mission. I'm using an Asus Mobo with onboard AC97 sound chipset. Any help or wisdom would be appreciated. Spider
  2. So I guess that you can email the seller to explicitly ask if the version can be registered with Discreet, but if the seller is a liar then you can still get hosed. I would also suppose that a sealed box is not evidence that the serial number and cd key, which are in the outside, haven't been used either. Have there been many horror stories of people getting ripped off in this way? Spider
  3. Thanks Capun for taking the time to reply, it is much appreciated. Are Max 4 through 6 files openable in versions through Max 7? I would not like to make a bunch of work that I could not keep current in the future. I presume that the Max Object hierarchy and naming conventions apply to all versions of Max? Spider
  4. Thanks for the reply Buff, I'll post again on this thread when I know what version of Max that I end up with.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and would like a question answered. I am ready to buy a copy of 3D Studio Max on eBay and since this is a considerable investment I want to establish what my best decision should be. Specifically I want to make sure that the export plug in for SFP1/WOV and MSFS will work well with the version of Max that I purchase. I would like to know if Max version 5, 6, or 7 work equally as well as version 4 with the export plug in. Thanks for all the great tutorials and freeware, I'm having fun flying 60's era combat. Thanks especially for the Russian planes! Spider

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