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  1. Nevermind. I figured it out. It was a version issue so sorry for the waste of space. With that having been said, please let me express my greatest thanks for this amazing pack. One of my favorite airplanes, and I am just blown away by the quality of the work. To all those who took part in its development, I salute you. No target in Eastern Europe is safe from my F-101C now. :)
  2. For some reason, the 3D models aren't showing up in the game when I install all of the components. I've installed mods tons of times now, but I'm not sure what I've missed here. Are there any new changes to the series in recent months that might have changed mod installs?
  3. Oh and for the record, the B(I).8 was the later interdictor models, and it had a fighter-type canopy as opposed to the fish bowl type thing on the earlier B.2 models. I'm fairly certain it's using the F-86 cockpit framing for the VC. Looks like a good fit nonetheless.
  4. Thanks Lexx! It seems the fix worked...at least to my satisfaction it did. I changed my cockpit position as you pointed out, and I turned the ShowFromCockpit value to FALSE for the nose....that seems to have done the trick. Now I can get to interdicting things RAF style. :)
  5. Recently downloaded the B(I).8 variant of the Canberra, and it seems that the virtual cockpit is in an odd place. I can't really see out of it...it would appear the 3D model is blocking my view. Has anyone else noticed this? I searched around the forums for answers, but came up empty. Any thoughts?
  6. The sad thing is I got my laptop with certain things that I thought would make it very compatible with the new SF2 series games...lol. Only bought it back in May. In any case I'll give the MiG-25 from the NF4+ pack a try. It's just the interceptor models where the radar doesn't work. The RB seems fine so I shouldn't have to do anything with it. Still no idea what is wrong with the external tank thing, so I might just give up on that part. Wish me luck. I'd like to have a useful Foxbat in this new game.
  7. Doesn't NF4+ add new weapons and stuff to the game? This time around I'm taking things slow and only adding things as I feel like I need them. For some reason the game can be very sluggish on my laptop (specs wise my computer should run it with little trouble....I can't figure out why I have to turn the graphics down so far), so I'm trying not to add a ton of new things to the game at once. As much as I might enjoy it, I feel like adding NF4 would not only duplicate work I've done modding the stock aircraft, but it would add stuff to the game and slow it down too much for me. Is the NF4 Foxbat the only way to get them to work properly? None of what I mentioned can be fixed with simple .ini edits? (the only form of modding I'm capable of...lol)
  8. Since I couldn't find a MiG-25 for the SF2 series, I decided to download the Foxbat Pack for the SF1 games. Everything seems to be fine aside from a few issues I was hoping you guys could help me with. 1. The radar on the PD (haven't checked the P) doesn't seem to work. I was directly behind a flight of F-104's around 3 miles away and at their altitude.....nothing showed up on the search mode and it wouldn't lock on when in boresight. Any ideas? 2. Why does the brake parachute housing between the engines stay open? I can't get it to close. 3. Why won't the center pylon show up on the P/PD variants to allow me to load the PTB-5500 fuel tank? I checked the weight and adjust what the pylon could hold weight-wise.....yet the option doesn't even appear in the loadout screen. On the MiG-25RB, the centerline is there because of the bombs you can load there, but there is no option to load the tank. Thoughts?
  9. This may have been brought up before, but I was searching through the download section for SF2, and I was wondering why it isn't set up in the same way that the files for the Series 1 games are, with aircraft broken up into sections such as Soviet, USAF, USN, etc. The search function works okay, but could the SF2 add-on aircraft be arranged in the same way as those for the SF1 games? I mean I realize that the SF2 series aircraft add-on section doesn't have as many files as the SF1 series does, but wouldn't it make sense to organize it in a way that makes files easier to find.....browsing through 24 pages can take quite a lot of time. Perhaps there is a reason it is not laid out that way, but I just thought I'd at least ask the question.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I'll try Gunny's weps pack again.....as time goes by I'm sure I'll come across more and more weapons that I need or would like to use. As odd as it sounds I'm trying to keep the number of stuff I add in to the minimum simply due to the fact that for whatever reason my new laptop can't run the game at great framerates in certain situations, so I figure the less the game has to load up the better. With all of this in mind (this is a bit off topic), can you guys recommend an F-104 to use for my SF2E install? I always enjoyed having the F-104 available in the original games, and with SF2E, I'm not sure whether I should just add an old SFP1 era cockpit to the stock F-104G or whether I should download an all new bird. The F-104 is one of the must have planes in the series for me, so everytime I see it flying around as an AI aircraft, I want to hop in the seat. Any suggestions on how I can get my F-104-fix back? :)
  11. Oooh....neat website. Thanks Wrench! Yeah, I'm finding that I need to make small data.ini edits although with only the stock weapons, I think the weapons editor is still the quickest way for me to do it. I'm going to just add individual weapons as I see fit instead of using weapons packs. They are great, but I end up with so many weapons that I never use. One weapon I think I'll add is the AGM-88......my F-4G needs something to shoot. :)
  12. I thought the latest weapon editor had some problems? Of course I suppose I don't have to actually edit anything with it..... I'll give it a try. Thanks! Oh and for the record I already went through and attempted to figure out which weapons were available at least for Western aircraft....lots of going back and forth between screens. :) What can I say? I do things the painful way sometimes...lol.
  13. Okay so I recently decided to start over with my SF2E install. I deleted everything and reinstalled it along with the Jun 2010 patch. I added in the few mods that I wanted to keep, and I'm all set. The only problem is that now with the way the SF2 series are setup I don't have my weapons folder in my saved games folder like I did before. I created one last time and obviously I added weapons to it, but something never dawned on me until now.......how do I figured out which weapons the game comes with? I want to adjust my default loadout files for the various aircraft, and I'm not sure what to name the weapons (i.e. for a MiG-23 carrying an Aphid-A missile...do I call it AA-8A or R-60T?) Is there a way to find a list of the stock weapons that come with SF2E? I might add more weapons later, but I'd like to start from scratch and see what the game already has so that I don't add multiple examples of the same weapons - again using the Aphid-A as an example.....I don't want an R-60T and then another weapon named AA-8A when they are both the same thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Performance Question

    Oh, and I looked for the ATi control panel and I can't find it. Any thoughts?
  15. Performance Question

    I'll try tinkering with the graphics card settings, but I must say I seem to get better framerates when I force the game to run on DX9 and turn the shading value to zero. Maybe I'm just imagining things. I don't have any mods currently installed so nothing of that sort should be slowing things down. Perhaps it's just the game engine and not anything wrong with my particular computer? I wonder what I could turn off using the task manager? Surely my computer is running things I don't really need?

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