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  1. name the plane

    I wouldn't have known that to save my life, but do now, thanks to the hints :) Never imagined that name was in the bible ! Good lesson all round !
  2. New Vista 64 Problem

    Barkhorn1x > Update. Deleted .Net 4.0 – OFF worked fine. :) Then d/l’d the full .Net 4.0 package from the M$ site and installed – OFF worked fine. :) So…must have been a corrupted install from the Windows auto update procedure. ---------------------- Hey !! That's awesome Barkhorn ! Guess that puts the lid on what happened to mine as well ! Glad you got it goin brutha ! Cheers !!
  3. New Vista 64 Problem

    I use Vista HE 32 bit here, and I do not use BH&H yet, waiting for delivery, but I installed CFS3 last week, then installed Phase 2, ran the config in XP compatibility and the world was proper place for flying. Then I got asked to run a Vista update, and noticed it had the .NET 4.0 included, and I've had issues with other software regarding that stuff so I was hesitant to update, but then thought, how can it be important to my new OFF love ? Ran the update, then things started going downhill. Don't be sure that I know what I'm talking about, the .NET 4.0 might not have had anything to do with it at all ! I was playing around with the Multiplayer things too, and might have fargled something up myself ! After trying to get things going, and realizing it was useless, too many strings to tie, I just deleted my OFF folder. Here's where it really get's funky... When I installed OFF phase 2, I deleted the download like a moron, and remember cursing when I did it lol ! So I had to re-download it again. Finally got it back, and ran the exe's, and for some completely wacked reason, OFF had an error and would not install, but to my complete horror, when I hit ok, un-install, it deleted not only most of the download and exe's from my disk completely, it deleted my CFS3 as well !! I almost cried lol ! ...couldn't believe that it did that. Downloaded it again, made sure everything was gone, re-installed CFS3 and now it's fine. There was no real procedure to unistalling OFF, just deleted the folder. But like I said, this is Phase 2, and certaintly not setup like BH&H. I wish I knew more about that stuff to help you out Barkhorn. After all is said and done, I've put Phase 2 on a usb stick Goodluck figuring it out, you'll get it...
  4. Allow myself to introduce.....umm, myself :) I just ordered BH&H and can't wait to get it going, it looks and sounds awesome. I've tried Phase 1 in the past, but dropped out of the flight sim scene for a bit due to other stuff. Out of curiosity & bordom, I came across this website last week, and pondered ordering it, then found Phase 2 and that was that, " I'm ordering this ! " I recognize a few old names here and there from the RB2/3D days ( what fun we had ) , but not many. I flew as KA7_Jackstraw, as well as RAF_Guzzler ( for a tad ) and I'm trying to talk RAF_BVC back into flying, I'll get him ;) It's great see an old dusty disc like CFS3 take on a whole new face, and the people involved have done an awesome job, hats off to all of you and like I said, I can't wait for that DVD to get here. I don't really have any issues yet, but the info provided here looks like it should cover any issues I have with Vista and my system, although a little more than a year old, holds duel Nvidia 8800 GTS's, and runs CFS3 to the max. Not sure about the SLI and whether it works with CFS3 or OFF, I'm guessing turning that on is just a moot point ? Only thing that has had me pulling out a few hairs was trying to actually obtain Phase 2, and I understand the bandwidth issue completely. Would it be allowed to host that file for people ? If not, I'm good, I'll be in BH&H glory soon ! But it hooked me in, and might help to get others on board, just a passing thought from an old and inverted sim pilot. Hope to see and fly online with some of you soon !! It's great to be back in the skies, more beautiful than ever ! <S!> Jack
  5. <S!> and Hello from Canada

    Thanks Olhem...
  6. New Vista 64 Problem

    Hi NorcalBob, I wish I had a definitive answer for you, it's a sick feeling when things like this happen, and I think I had the same issue with a Vista update and OFF P2 a week ago. I can't be sure, you know how hard it can be to pin point things, and I eneded up re-installing everything with success, but Vista wanted me to update my Microsoft .NET framework to version 4.0 and something inside me told me not too, but I didn't listen. Was that the cause, I have no idea, but I unistalled that before re-installing CFS3 and OFF P2. Also, if you haven't already, be sure to set your Windows updates to manual, or this might bite you in the ass again. Hope you get it sorted out, be interesting to find out what the cause actually is. Cheers !
  7. <S!> and Hello from Canada

    Thank you all for the wonderful welcomes ! A fine group of gents to be sure ! Rabu, you are definately a name I recognized, and I remember your fantastic graphic work in RB/3D, glad to see your still alive and well. Seems like RB2/3D was so long ago, and I suppose it was in a way. I got sucked up into running an online race league for many years, starting with GPL, then rFactor, but after a few years of each, it got stale and became too much like work. Took almost 2 years off from simming in any form, and for some strange reason, not sure if it was one of the movies that came out or what it was, I started to think about these beautiful crates once again. Dusted off a few books I collected over the years, and I can't wait to get back to flying online again. Love some of the old footage people post links too here as well, just awesome. Thanks all ! <S!>
  8. <S!> and Hello from Canada

    Hello everyone & thanks for the welcomes and your kind help in emptying my pockets !!!! " Contact >>>>>> Beer !!! " Black-and-Tan and a bag of salt and vinegar crisps ! Check ! Single Malt ! Check ! ( Searching overcoat fer coppers... ) Jack Daniels neat, with branch water on the side ! Check ! Say again ? No branch water eh ? Barrel water will have to do Now that the drinks are on the way, thanks again, and thank you for the headsup in the knowledge base Uncle Al, that will come in handy when it's time to install things, much appreciated mate ! Phase 2 ran smooth, but from what I've been reading, BH&H is a little more heavy, so I'll follow the advice and see where it leads me. ( checking 6 for wife.....off to grab HITR as well ) Cheers guy's !
  9. <S!> and Hello from Canada

    I knew there would be catch ! Thanks Widowmaker, checking wallet now.. Cheers !

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