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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to U and the others for putting this together. It should be awsome.
  2. The question came up in another forum but it did make be think. What did the Central Powers call the Anti aircraft fire thrown up against them ? The British called it Archie , The French cal ed it ? The Americans had some not so nice names for it ($##@! ^%$%$##)
  3. How did the pilot ever land on that wagon ?
  4. Show me pics, tease me about WOFF, make me write checks.
  5. This aircraft has been referred to as a Might have Been,but never heard why? Engine development ? Design Flaws?
  6. Well today was my guess for the WOFF release date. My next Guess is 24 Dec 2012. Anyone else ?
  7. I am so tired of waiting for WOFF and Safe Nuc Power . I wi8ll just do this.
  8. My Son is a lucky lad!

    Wow what a trip for a young un Great
  9. New aircraft at hendon

    Talk about fire power 4 machine Guns
  10. This may be how the A/c got its name http://youtu.be/frTA1PVmY_w
  11. OT Poor Cody

    I have seen Women make noises like that when their Credit Cards get rejected for insufficient cash.

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