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  1. Will everyone be in the same Gallery ? or to read AAR's have to go to each individuals Gallery ?
  2. Klaus A. Hoffenstien Feldflieger, FA 3 LB Jun 3, 1915. Off on my 1st Hop and being shown the controls of the B-1. The machine can be said to fly. Floats more like it and ready to Stall barely moves in a strong head wind. Stay up for 20 mins then came back down, Posted to Combat missions starting tomorrow.
  3. Klaus Albert Hoffenstien Sgt. I have been ordered toFA3 LB at Menen so after a weekend pass Hopped a Trolley to the Train station and Adventure June 1 1915.
  4. A lot of information to take in ,but a lot make good sense. Please count me in and will we be posting AAR's here or back at sim Hq ?
  5. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Good Stories all Hang in there
  6. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    The Staff of the Rawlins Challenge was discussing over breakfast, The Challenge Winner pilot will require.
  7. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Sir. Tell Air Marshall Rawlins that another pilot ate it.
  8. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Lt Cecil Saidwick Hit by Ground Fire on a Railyard attack mission. Losing power and puking smoke I tried to avoid numerous fenced only to hit the TREES Pilot Ka Put KIA
  9. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Lt Cecil Saidwick ( Still trying to get caught up on missions } Patrol our side of lines , 40 Sqn ran into a flock of Huns V struts and Pfalz D-III. Had a hard time keeping them clear of my tail finally as the fight went to the deck I bagged one. Actually Forced down Fuel leak/ prop stopped. hit in NML
  10. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Lt Cecil Saidwick 40 Sgn. A.F. Attack The old up and down made 2 passes then Home and Tea.
  11. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Got jumped by high flyers The Barons Bunch. made a firing pass then had a chap drop om my tail couldn't shake so ran for it.
  12. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    I flew 2 in one sitting then a 3rd separately is that ok ? Real life has me re pairing the roof so wont fly more till Sat.
  13. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Cecil Saidwick 40 Sqn 11 Nov 1917. Bit of a scrap on Patrol, Bagged a Hun.

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