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  1. Alright, so I moved a copy to the desktop and it worked fine. Is that a bug or something?
  2. Hey, I'm having trouble getting the weapon editor to work in Windows 7 32-bit. WOV is running fine, both stock and modded, for the record. When I open the weapon editor (or gun editor for that matter; they're both in compatibility mode for 98/ME), and click Open, it acts like it'll give me a dialog box, but nothing shows. I can click it fifty times, and nothing happens. Thanks.
  3. I love the modern ones - F-22's and F-35's! Waiting for that MiG-29 download to finish for the FrankenSim so I can go blow their tails off!
  4. Do you like Christmas?

    My family has always celebrated Christmas. Never got too much into it (I was never told that Santa Clause was real...and I never believed it either!). I must say, though, that I've never felt so un-Christmassy before in my life! And it came from the Catholics, who took it from the equinox celebration and also implements from the Roman holiday of Saturnalia - a worship of their god Saturn. They decorated with holly branches, gave gifts, and had big feasts. Sound familiar??? Of course, those celebrating the equinox (I'm not sure which culture it was) weren't better. Believe it or not, but it went something like where they thought that some big monster was eating the daylight, and a few days after the equinox when they realized the days were getting longer, they'd celebrate because their god had forced the monster to puke up the daylight or something like that. Funny that they didn't realize that this happened regularly... I'll stop my ramblings. Theres a small bit of Christmas history for you people!
  5. Nuts. When's YAP3 supposed to be released? It is the historical side that I want. I don't really fly for the gaming feel, but for more of a historical aspect. I know several people who flew in World War II, and I like to jump into their cockpit. Thats why I was interested in YAP.
  6. Hey, What opinions does anyone have on Yankee Air Pirate 2? Also, does anyone know if YAP2 will work in SF2:V? Thanks, JDO3
  7. Is there any way to enable intercept missions in WOV? Its kinda annoying only being able to fly MiG's on MIGCAP and Escort, and being unable to intercept F-105's and B-57's and all those other fun aircraft.
  8. Hey, In the knowledge base it says that to use Bunyaps weapon pack you need to run it through the weapons editor. Does that mean that I have to open every single weapon file? Sorry if this has been asked before. -jjddoo
  9. Hey, I don't know if you are having any problems, but I installed it into WOV. I got the map working by downloading the retextures for Korea and then linking the .ini file with the VietnamSEA cat file. The only problem I'm having is with the weapons - they don't wanna show. I'm working on that. jjddoo
  10. Korean War Flight Sim

    Does anyone know if the mod for SFP1 works with WOV? Thanks.
  11. Korean War Flight Sim

    Hello to all, Does anyone know if there are any purpose-built Korean War flight sims out there? I know that you can expand Il-2 and others to that era, but I like to keep my sims dedicated to one era (just a quirk of mine)... Anyway, if anyone knows of any, please let me know! -JJDDOO
  12. Films

    I didn't think there were many. Thanks for the replies.
  13. Films

    Does anyone know of any feature films about the air war over Vietnam? -jjddoo
  14. Got it fixed - was a mod that killed it.

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