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  1. Lol got it working after digging up my CS101 knowledge from the depths of my brain. I actually realized this might be perfect for another project of mine - I've got two other questions: would it be possible to use this to hide the text displayed by the message system but only the white text? Second, would it be possible to make this show only digits but not characters (so that the distance is shown but not the type)?
  2. Correction: the full labels are displayed whenever I make any changes to the TWFONT file (i.e. in order to change the colors)
  3. Certainly I'm able to remove all the messages and the radio chatter. What I was hoping to be able to to do is not show the messages which are not radio subtitles i.e. the way that the HUD behaves in hard mode. Basically, I either need to get the hard mode HUD to show the target boxes or the medium mode HUD to not show "sim" messages and only show "radio" messages in the manner of a hard mode HUD.
  4. I'm messing around with the huddata.ini in order to produce a JHMCS-like environment. What I'm aiming for is to have only radio subtitles shown, not the weapon select/radar range etc. messages. I also need to have the targeting boxes, so I can't change HUD settings to Hard, as that seems to eliminate the boxes. I've tried changing SHOWMESSAGES and SYSTEMMESSAGESONLY to every combination of true and false but it's not having any effect.
  5. I've installed this mod but It's not having the desired effects in terms of only showing a dot. The full labels are displayed.
  6. Upon having the same problem with some other lights, I did what I thought you described (see attached) but no joy?
  7. Worked like a charm. Can I ask what you did? I use gimp not Photoshop, maybe that's the problem?
  8. Unfortunately, it's still not seeing the TGA. In fact, the other lights that were on that TGA (the LGB weapon selection light) are also not showing up. Still thinking it's an alpha channel problem.
  9. Awesome I've made great progress on the pit. While I have the attention of the mastermodders, I'm having an issue with editing the TGA file of the F-16 (stock) cockpit. After modifying it I placed it in the folder for the aircraft that is using the F-16 Netz pit, which is I believe the correct procedure. However, it seems that the game is not displaying the TGA, it is as if it is totally transparent. I opened it in gimp, made an edit and overwrote it, but it seems there's something I'm missing with an alpha channel or something. I've attached the file to see if anyone can help (I'm changing the SAFE/ARM indicator to an ECM indicator). tga edits.zip
  10. For future reference, what CAT file has that lod?
  11. Got ya - problem is I'm not sure where to find the LOD. It doesn't seem to be in the CAT file that has the rest of the Kifr cockpit stuff.
  12. As part of a Cold War LANDJUT/BALTAP focused mod I'm working on better cockpits and avionics for the Danish F35 strike Drakens. Turns out that the Kifir C.2 looks darn similar. Only thing I'd like to move (using the fake airspeed trick) is those two (AoA and vertical speed?) indexers on the sides of the HUD. What would be the best way to figure out what node to call out? Second question: is it possible to reconfigure at least one of those RWR status lights as a threat notifier (SAM, airborne intecept etc) so that the RWR is more useful as a non-tews unit? (The Kifir has tews but the F35 doesn't pre WDNS). I can't seem to find those lights in the cockpit ini. Third question: what's the best solution to that clipping going on with the engine nacelle? Alternatively, if there is no good solution to this using the Thirdwire stock pit, is there a community made Kifir cockpit or look-alike that you know of and would recommend for more flexibility? Thanks. (real draken pit for reference: http://www.britmodeller.com/walkarounds/aircraft/draken/mar4.jpg)
  13. I've attached my still very WIP TFD with the new data.ini. Needs to be in the same folder with the Stary/Rends Germany tiles/tods etc obviously. I'm working on some new targets as well, which is kind of a necessity in the cities because of how dense the TODs are in the new tiles. Do you have any plans to modernize some of the port targets? Do335 - what INI would that be going into? There doesn't seem to be an appropriate space in either a campaign or terrain INI. newtileset.zip
  14. Thanks for your help - I did a quick swap in the INI's and its looking great now. I'd already made a few minor edits to a couple of areas, primarily Copenhagen and updating the airbase transition tiles. Gerpard, I've now looked at your Panslavic War thread - it looks awesome, and I'm certainly not looking to steal your thunder. I was actually starting a 70s/80s era mod, so same terrain but totally different flight experience. It was going to be kind of based upon RSR and Wargame Airland Battle. I'd be happy to work in collaboration with you insofar as our projects are related, potentially even as an expansion pack ala TSF. I can send you the terrain edits if you're at all interested, and the more campaign friendly targets ini would be awesome for me. I presume you've been using Wrench's tweaks as well? I'm looking into the feasibility of a Soviet Amphibious landing in Denmark using the SF2NA mechanics.
  15. Question for our terrain masters: While I'm sure this question will peg me as a total noob at terrain editing (which I am), I've been trying to modify the Ostseeausgang terrain to utilize Stary's Germany V3/ Rends Rework (I found no similar project already undertaken, but please correct me if I'm wrong). In order to get the game to recognize the new tiles, I copy/pasted the segment of the _data.ini found in the Germany tile packs which refers to the tiles. The results are mostly perfect with the exception of the land/sea transition areas, which appear to be referring to tiles which do not exist in the Stary/Rends pack and show up as pink in the TFD tool (see image). Other than manually going through and changing the tiles in the editor, is there a quicker way to get the right tiles there?

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