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  1. OFF on Mac with Windows 7?

    Thank you all for your help.
  2. OFF on Mac with Windows 7?

    Thanks for the responses. I will probably buy OFF and hope that it works . . . unless you think that 256MB and an Nvidia 320M are inadequate. OFF is available only through the mails, right? Not major retailers? An aside: MSFT is the stock symbol of Microsoft. I typed that rather than "CFS3" since I was having a mind lockup on the actual game name. Never played it.
  3. I hope that this question is in the right place. I have just ordered a Macbook Pro, just bought the MSFT game that OFF is built on, and I would like to order OFF, but of course only if it will work with Windows 7 in Boot Camp. Does anyone here play the game that way? I canot tell from cruising the forum posts here. I imagine the answer is the same for all MacBook Pros, but if not, mine will have 4 GB memory, 2.4 dual core processor, and an Nvidia 320M (256 MB). I could buy XP rather than Windows 7, but that seems pointless, given the ticking clock of MS support.

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