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  1. Spad XIII Lt Henri de Slade, Spa 159 commandant, Le Mesnil-Amelot august 1918. How can I put this skin on a Spad XIII texture (QC1)?
  2. Yes indeed ! Gnome engine ! https://www.lecharpeblanche.fr/2022/03/26/france-le-deuxieme-sopwith-camel-de-john-shaw-effectue-ses-premiers-essais-moteur/
  3. OFF reinstallation

    OK ! OFF is out on windows 10 ! So, I have WOFF and it's working ! Thanks for all Polovski ! S.
  4. France: John Shaw’s second Sopwith Camel completes its first engine tests
  5. OFF reinstallation

    Hi Polovski and Adger, It's OFF Realise v 1.0 (original CFS3 disks reqyired to play) Supports Windows XP SP2 or above. Nice Sunday !
  6. Good morning all ! I have to restart OFF and I have the same problem; "Homefield file error" Thanks for your answer ! Windows 10 Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz 8,00 Go Système d’exploitation 64 bits, processeur x64 S. S
  7. Out of WOFF

    Thank you Polovski ! The programs (OFF and WOFF) worked very well on windows xp but since windows 10 nothing goes anymore ! I don’t want to touch the antivirus (windows defender) OK ! Thanks for all Polovski.
  8. Out of WOFF

    Hello all ! I can open WOFF but I can't with CFS3 : "unable to check EULA" Thank you for your response ! S
  9. Out of WOFF

    Thank you Burning Beard ! It's ok ! Go to bed now ! Good evening.
  10. Good morning all ! Hope you have a nice day ! How to get out of WOFF ? For now I’m doing : "Ctrl+Alt+Supp" Thank you for your answer.
  11. Hello all ! I have buy WOFF and I can't open with CFS3 : "unable to check EULA" Thank you for your answer ! S

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