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  1. Off to Home Establishment

    Fantastic Raine, that sounds very promising. Wishing you all the best with that!
  2. Off to Home Establishment

    Sorry to hear that Raine, and may things get better for you. Maybe there are lighter or specialist controllers out there to help you carry on for a while. With a quick look this came up, maybe other similar ones out there. These are for disabilities so hopefully don't need force on them etc. https://news.microsoft.com/en-gb/2018/05/17/xbox-adaptive-controller-welcomed-by-uk-charities-and-gamers-with-disabilities/ https://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-controllers-for-people-with-disabilities/nathan-gibson
  3. Just fly in the area it will be fine, it's by design. The screenshots show waypoint 2 so not sure what the problem is. Go to the waypoints, stay around the area for at least the time required, if you are leading you can fly a straight line down the front line and back to the main area, whatever.
  4. Released yesterday - please see the news section if you have not already ! https://combatace.com/forums/topic/98719-wings-over-the-reich-expansion-battle-of-france-update-v104/
  5. Update V1.04 for WOTR Expansion Battle of France is now available. Version 1.04 1) Addressed an issue that could sometimes cause Escort Missions to have no waypoints or bomber squad to escort. 2) Addressed an issue that allowed French squadrons to incorrectly fly a mission with less than a section complement. 3) Fixed a Fuel Tank Gauge issue in the Curtiss H-75A. 4) Moved Merville Airfield as it was on a road. 5) Addressed an issue that would cause some active squads to be inactive during BoB - this could cause more generic Patrols to be assigned with less action.
  6. Interesting ideas, 1) if you can leave the PC on pause can work for a while works, but if you have to shut down yeah not good. I remember in the odl days there was a hardware tool that could "freeze" the PC andf it's memory and continue can't rem what it was called though. On 2) you can play the WAV files manually with media player or other music player, then start WOFF and disable the music in the workshops perhaps.
  7. That's how it was though, we like that :)
  8. Belgian DLC?

    Thanks for the questions WW. There's just two of us making it, and we do the web updates, pictures, articles etc so - instead of developing we have to stop to do that. So when we are intensely working, there can be some time when you don't hear a lot. Anyway, as a slight update ... quite a bit of recent work has been behind the scene stuff (how the software works etc) so not particularly exciting. However, there's one aspect that has been totally transformed, and we hope to show an update soon when a bit more work there has been done - I'll leave you with it's a bit of a game changer. Release date not officially set, when we are over most of the hills we'll post a rough release date.
  9. BH&H2 and VR

    To make the view further back would normally need a model edit. It has a fixed place for the eyes. You may be able to edit the aircraft xdp near the top are the viewing angles, but I don't know if there's a setting you can add to that to offset the eyepoint not really seen anything to suggest that.
  10. Thanks for reporting that. As you can imagine, there are several (600+ airfields) that can also change / become active/inactive etc depending on the movements of the front lines. So although we test lots it's impossible to test all a./c at all airfields etc, there's always something somewhere. Considering that, the AI lands at pretty well all despite hills, trees, buildings in all sorts of places, and having to fly 80+ aircraft types. There's always the odd one somewhere that's tricky, and often only tricky for certain aircraft. We will try to look at it, it's now on the fix list. That squadron moves their home to another airfield around 23 Sept 1916.
  11. It CAN be graphic settings as the POV and Mouse use entirely different code. The Mouse look is an extra - built into the DirectX 9 shaders by Ank0r. You can try adjusting the speed in d3d8.ini in ...\WOFF\WOFFScenery\Shaders where there are mouselook settings - which could indirectly affect smoothness. There is also zoom smoothness there, but I am not sure if it would also affect panning. BTW we highly recommend TrackIR or compatible Head Tracking devices to get the best out of WOFF.
  12. This may help https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4324145/how-to-fly-each-plane-in-woff-credit-to-bletchley#Post4324145 For some remember you can use the keyboard number keys for certain percentages. 2 for 20%, 8 for 80% and so on. Pretty much any rotary has blip.
  13. Many 2 seaters do not have visual camera models. It was in the release notes for v1.21 that included Recon Wars. BE2C and Aviatik have them.
  14. If you enable 3rd party, then put in some actual 3rd party missions, from other people, it will find them. Moving some files you found in there makes no sense. Ignore those files they are not 3rd party, so irrelevant and the fact you had to move them shows they are not in use. Perhaps they're from a test, perhaps by mistake I don't know.
  15. BH&H2 and VR

    You can edit the default view in WOFF itself, see section 68 of the WOFF BH&H II FAQ pdf document on Support page on our home website. https://www.overflandersfields.com/support.html

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