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  1. It should be released very soon, and we will see if we can improve the maxims JFM.
  2. Those are the final /latest updates for the old "OFF" so there is no later updates for it.
  3. Please remove the links, and if you use it without purchasing it then it's piracy. It is still our property to sell if we want to at some point. We have been easy going on DRM which customers like but it of course leads to this sort of piracy and sharing that can hurt us. If you can fly OFF you should be able to fly WOFF so buy that please. If people choose to not buy then we simply stop making it.
  4. Often RNAS squads had French wing roundels, and RFC fuselage roundels. Odd but true. We have some such as this in WOFF, and we also have more skins showing this we hope soon.
  5. ;) mm maybe I think they kept the Lewis intentionally as it had no gearing involved, probably also the angle it comes in at helps hit critical areas more who knows. But either way your accuracy is scary ;)
  6. One problem is you are a super accurate killer in WOFF Hellshade, I have seen it in your videos. Most of us can't hit a barn door at 50 yards. So actually we think it's pretty good and as Fortiesboy says each person will have a preference. You need to make your bullets weaker, but often wings did collapse as it does in WOFF once they have enough damage to cause the large stress already on them to break them off. Once one goes the rest are much weaker so usually all together. The DM is totally different including the final break up etc etc, which we worked very very hard to achieve ;) Thanks FB for the comments :)
  7. Yes this is the whole point of new "outcomes" we can track all that happens during your flight and keep records of the AI pilots. Their kills, their hits, damage, where they landed and what happened after that. The only exception is Historical Pilots or Aces, as WOFF uses historical detail so MvR cannot die - although he can be shot down of course (as he was more than once) but he will appear soon after back in the squad.
  8. Ordering WOFF soon

    Great glad you are sorted MudWasp48
  9. Not that I an condoning but bear in mind the DM system is completely re-written under the hood even though it may appear to work similarly. But to make things tougher you could (simplest method in theory) is decrease the damage done by bullets. all in C:\WOFF\WOFFScenery\Difficulty\Normal\mainbullets (air ones are for the air obviously) but there's a lot of work recreating .bdp files blah so actually quite longer to do. or edit 4856656522 aircraft XDP files for example areas like this <Box ID="damagebox_fuselage" Parent="damagebox_fuselage"> <BoxMap SystemID="center_fuel_tank" Probability="1" Points="10"/> <BoxMap SystemID="fuselage_structure" Probability="99" Points="50"/> </Box> to say <Box ID="damagebox_fuselage" Parent="damagebox_fuselage"> <BoxMap SystemID="center_fuel_tank" Probability="1" Points="10"/> <BoxMap SystemID="fuselage_structure" Probability="99" Points="100"/> </Box> Things may break though obviously.
  10. Is CFS3 worth trying?

    No you don't need to reinstall CFS3 for WOFF, if CFS3 is already installed. When installing WOFF it will ask you for CFS3 on CD/DVD or installed.. and dadaa you already have it installed so point it there. You also don't need CFS3 installed even if your CFS3 CD/DVD is v3.1 (most CFS3 in recent years is already v3.1).
  11. Ordering WOFF soon

    OK well done. I believe it's sent from the US, the standard is to wait 7 -10 working days but it would usually be sooner for where you are. Don't forget you have the download option too.
  12. 1st May 2014: WINGS: Over Flanders Fields - New Update patch V1.25 Please see the website Downloads section. http://www.overflandersfields.com/Downloads.html If you cannot see the new patch press Ctrl+F5 in your browser to update your browser's cached version of the Download page. Remember the latest update always INCLUDES all previous fixes and new features. This means after a brand new install or with any previous version installed you just need the latest patch to be fully up to date! The "History of Changes" link on the Downloads page always contains all the detail for all patch updates released. http://www.overflandersfields.com/HistoryofChanges.html Changes for your convenience; 01 May 2014 Ver 1.25 4207.03 1) Air-starting an escort mission sometimes results in aircraft collisions between escorter and escortee flight - fixed. 2) Bug with Late type DH2 skins fixed. 3) Strutters can now be claimed in 1918 (French Squads used them well into 1918 despite the RFC/RAF withdrawing them from front line duty end of 1917) 4) Balloon Busting missions: Squadron Flight 'balloon damaged criteria' too stringent and so often the correct designated balloon was not being credited. 5) Improved assigned mission ground targets criteria for AI kill credit.
  13. Ordering WOFF soon

    We have used Avangate for several years and never had a report of "identity theft" however maybe use one of the other methods they list. There are lots of ways to buy the sim from Avangate, Visa/mastercard/Eurocard, Paypal, JCB, Bank/Wire transfer, American Express and others. Most people just buy it no problems with cc or paypal whatever. I think you can pay via paypal with a credit card
  14. CA-WW1 - Wings of War

    Great write up 33Lima! One note: copying the old skins from P3 in may "work" for some craft but others it won't as they have had model changes. Also in the new skins pack available on our website a vast number of skins have been overhauled,improved or new ones added, so worth having for those who have not yet got it.

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