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  1. November 11

    they seem to be very long living family, can't be down to getting the absolute best of everything, can it ? ;)
  2. November 11

    Actually, it was so good to see an actual full remembrance service here in the UK after COVID ruined previous gatherings. Poor old Queen not well enough to attend, though I hope she gets some strength.
  3. WOFF Discord?

    Thanks for the offer trustworthykebab we'll keep that in mind.
  4. 16 November 2021: A new update to V1.18 is available for WOFF BH&H II. Please see the WOFF BH&H II Download Page on our website to download or for more information. WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG: Version 1.18 16 November 2021 1) Revised Damaged airfield blending. 2) Revised start-up of WOFF for new OBD logo. 3) Fixed a database error in MFJII squadron file This patch of course also includes all previous updates.
  5. WOFF Discord?

    That's something we don't have at the moment us93_talbot. There's only two of us so not enough spare to keep an eye on that, and the forums, facebook, email support etc.
  6. Hi all, We added a new NEWS page on the WOTR website which, to kick it off, has been updated with some development news, new pictures with snippets of info from work-in-progress of our new expansion for WOTR. Full details are not released yet of exactly what we are making, but in time all will be revealed... Please visit the News page.
  7. There is some randomness just like in real life, exactly because otherwise it would behave like a robot, and you'd know exactly what is next. However, it's not just "random". Sometimes there are 2 or 3 moves available in a situation and the AI will choose (Aces have more manoeuvres to choose from and they usually perform them better etc). More shake may be possible, sure.
  8. Nice vid us93, music is great too :)
  9. New patch existing career compatible?

    It's perfectly safe to install 1.17 on a normal install of BH&H II - it wil not affect careers. Of course if you have mods you need to disable them first - I can't vouch for safety with those.
  10. WOTR

    If it worked fine with previous joystick it suggests something is incorrect with the new setup with your throttle. Make sure you only have 1 axis assigned to Throttle and only from 1 controller. Check things like brakes and so on if it's during take off perhaps the rudder pedals have toe brakes too?
  11. Scrolling through all planes?

    Two main ways, one bring up the TAC, then select a target, then cycle your view to player/target - and then you can toggle that view between you and the target or vice versa. Section 22 of the WOFF BH&H II FAQ document (see support page on main website) for more details. Or use the experimental Observer mode. "J" key by default. You may see oddities with this but see section 24 of the FAQ.
  12. Tried to send private message but when I send, it says, in red, that Polovski cannot receive private messages, same on Sim HQ.


    1. Polovski


      I do not have any restrictions on PMs here.. Buckeye sent me a message a few days go.

      Sure we can discuss it.  Send the info to support email address please Jerry and we can talk there.

  13. Hi all, 28 October 2021: A new update to V1.17 is available for WOFF BH&H II. -which provides some superb new improvements. The improved visuals from new trees, terrain, lighting, updated clouds and more are well worth updating to! Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website for more information. WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG: Version 1.17 1) Jasta 66 is now enabled and playable. 2) Revised Scenery Trees and Textures - all seasons, and all snow cover options. 3) Revised Scenery Lighting 4) Revised Scenery Object distance details 5) Revised Terrain Texture Quality settings and Scenery Density settings to improve FPS. NOTE: Revised Scenery and Terrain Texture detail controls 1 to 5 in Workshops The Terrain Quality (texture sharpness) and the Scenery Density (objects on the terrain) have been revised for WOFF 1.17. The controls now give a better ability to more finely tune and optimise the scenery and terrain to get maximum FPS with the best visual eye candy possible. Good starting points on a reasonably good PC are Terrain Quality 2 or 3 and Scenery Density 3 or 4, - 5 now being for very good GPUs 3080 or better. 6) Revised Clouds, Textures, and Lighting. This patch of course also includes all the previous updates
  14. Hello Pol

    Back in July of last year, on Sim HQ messaging, we talked about including some of my skins in the WOFF skin pack.  

    I have learned a lot and believe I have all the issues you were having with them eliminated.

    Are you still interested in them for a future update or revision?

    I have at lease 300 maybe 500 or so out of the 1,000 + in the skins Mods that would be acceptable.  No relabeled skins and the image quality issues are fixed.  All of the skins that are from the older generation of Mods have been remade with better techniques and non of these replace any existing WOFF skin.  Although, I have some replacements that I will ask you to consider, based on some of the new information that has come out since the old skins were made, but that's an aside and a separate issue.

    I can send them in a separate zip with an installer or I can send you BMPs, whichever works best for you.


    All the best

    Jerry Herd (jerbear)

    1. Polovski


      Hi Jerry,  that may be good, best to send me a Private message rather than on my profile here.

  15. Thanks for the posting that here Sam - I am sure it will help others.

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