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  1. Help

    Hi, I can´t help you on this one, I am not using none of those utilities, just copy and paste but I am not editing files. Sorry Best regards, Farris
  2. Help

    Hi, It depends on what mission and weapons you have. The green diamond is only the representation in the HUD of what info is the Pave Penny getting, which means that if you see a green diamond, someone is lazing at the target and your Pave is locating it. That has nothing to do with target selection. For target selection, it will only depend on the weapons you carry. Using Bombs, cannon or rockets, you will not be able to lock any target. The only weapon that can loock targets is the MAV, at least in the A-10. If you are playing the original A-10 mission, you only have rockets, bombs and cannon, so you can´t lock any target. If it is the case you are running one of the new modds with Mavericks aboard, then you must point MAV seeker to the target and in order to lock it you must press TAB key. To point the Mav seeker you can do it by 2 ways. 1. You can point the plane to the target till the mav seeker will be on the target and then lock target and fire. 2. You can move the mav seeker to the target using CTRL + HAT or ALT + HAT, don´t remember now, I have it mapped on my joy and then lock and fire. Hope it will help, excuse me foy my english, it is not my language and it´s friday so I am like just thinking on the weekend. Best regards, Farris
  3. Help

    Hi, You are supposed to replace original file by the others, so you must rename original for example to A-10demooriginal.mis and rename lets say A-10demoatnight.mis into A-10demo.mis you this one you will play. I remember to hear from someone that he could fly the Mig29 mission if he had played the A-10 before, otherwise it didn´t work, maybe in your case it´s the other way. If still does´nt work, execute the install file again and say fix installation. Forget about A-10demo.xml file. Best regards, Farris
  4. Iff...?

    I guess he means by "G2" to "Ground to" Best regards, Farris
  5. Hi, It is available the last unofficial pack for the Demo, it includes: Roland ADS Tunguska 2c6m Missing Textures on the B20 Rocket pod. 1 New Mission, only show off (press s and hit F2 and F7 to watch from external) Org. Mission is from A-Lone Wulf. You can download from www.virtualwar.tk at the downloads section. Best regards, Farris
  6. Kamenka

    New Kamenka 4 missions. It includes: SAM vehicles (Roland ADS & Tunguska 2C6M) have replaced some of the ZSU on the previous version. Mission starts on the runway now with 6 Mavs each plane. Kamenka 4 missions require you to download and install the SAM pack (sam_pack.zip) created by JG77Von_Hess. You can download it from Here Best regards, Farris
  7. Hi, Yesterday, JG77Von Hess made public the release of the first unofficial patch for the Demo, It includes the following: Missing Moon. (Kamenka2 mission at night is amazing with the moon.) Missing Chaff. (With my GF2 I don´t see flares neither chaff, but suppose to be there) Missing Droptanks 1500/1150 for the Mig29a. Missing R77. Various Air to Ground paylods (some textures missing but the shape is there) New Ai Plane Mig23Mld. (Texturs are low quality) 2 New Missions. You can download the pach from www.virtualwar.tk at the downloads section. As you can imagine, use it at your own risk, it has some of the old flanker files. I have installed and had no problems at all. Best regards, Farris
  8. Thanks Yojimbo You made me happy for the next 2 months :D I´m leaving my office to check it out at home. Best regards, Farris
  9. I have´nt found any keys to zoom TV screen, only views, if someone knows, please it would be great. I don´t know how much zoom we have on the TV, but guess it´s better to zoom trough it rather than zooming views. It would be nice if someone could analyze if it´s faster to detect a ZSU zooming the TV rather than the views, in fact, it´s more real zooming TV. It may be my graphic card, but it´s hard for me to see where´s the ZSU on the column and when I am hot it´s too late to attack 2 targets with mavs cause I am too close already. Does the TV zooms as much as Mav can target? I am sorry about my english, I believe Mav can target from 27 Km / 12 Nm but can you zoom that much so you can identify targets? Best regards, Farris
  10. Hi, I though you couldnt zoom the TV display in the Demo, is that correct? Best regards, Farris
  11. Hi, Surfing the net I found this "war story" related with FAC(A), very funny one, it´s called Messing with Forward Air Controllers. I recommend the reading, short and very funny, here is the story Hope you enjoy it. Farris
  12. Hi, I just can´t keep being without saying anything about this. I am really impressed with what´s been developed. I know the Demo is supposed to be a Beta 5 and still I belive this is going to be just the beginning. All I can say is THANKS to developers and producer. Graphics are awesome, inmersion is incredible and believe me that I´m having so much fun flying the demo I can´t think how is it going to be when the final game will be release. In a few days people was already editing missions so that now we have almost total missions and even considering that it is not possible to use lots of planes and targets, it is AWESOME, so guess how is it going to be in a few months. Think in all that fun we all have and we are flying alone in our homes, think how is it going to be when you will be able to fly with your mates or better off if you fly with them against other humans. If this is just a Beta 5 I can´t imagine how is it going to be... Best regards, Farris
  13. Lock On

    Hi, There are tons of missions out there, you can find some at simhq forums, at Lomac´s official forum. Here there are some of the links you are looking for: SimHQ forums, some edited missions Lomac´s Official web site, edited missions Best regards and have fun. Farris
  14. Thanks MrMudd, Nice pics, could you please tell us how was it, was it hard to do, did you feel some kind of air turbulence when approaching? did you use some tip to guess the approaching speed? did the tanker guided you? Sorry for so many questions but you know how this wait is doing us :) Thanks again for the work you are doing. Best regards, Farris
  15. Thanks for your answer Andy, Andy, does this mean it will be possible that other plane will iluminate the target if it´s assigned from the planning stage, or it is only possible assigning if there are ground forces. I guess the ground forces MUST be in the planning stage, otherwise, there is no way lo iluminate targets, is that simulated? I hope not to bother with so many questions, is simulated the use of the 4 digits code of the PP system so that from the planning stage different targets will be iluminate each one with different codes? Thanks in advance, Farris

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