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  1. i was hoping for a quicker way lol
  2. im after a list of every weapon type in the game ahm,sahm,lgb,3br etc etc
  3. :( game would be epic mulitplayer
  4. as above is there any way to make the game multiplayer?
  5. thank you thank you thank you i thought i was goin mad(er) when i made mine i didnt touch the cda etc
  6. i ha dmy old 1 pulling all sorts of g im sure you could change the angel that the tail moves but i cant for the life of me find where it is! im certain it was something like min position 10 (assume its degrees i go to 40-45) max position -15 and im also absolutely certain you could alter the speed that the tail moved
  7. if you make a new thread link it here please :)
  8. i had an me109 at 350,000 feet once only stopped because i got bored lol i modified tsr 2 a while ago but lost the files. fully bombed up it would easily do mach 1.5 at 3 feet its such a pretty airplane do you reckon this is below radar coverege?
  9. thanks for the reply but iv done it by editing the controls ini directly :)
  10. i read they had an olympus running at 68,000lb dont know how true that is though
  11. haha in my canard whifs i had them at 65,000 lb per engine iv got an x29 that is frankly silly at low speeds il have a look at the wing stats on that at some point
  12. thanks mate il have a play now i did have a tsr2 that turned stupidly well but iv forgotten what i did to it lol i think i played with the wing stall lines ps how much power did you give it?
  13. lovely how did you stop it wtfsploding? iv got the pheonix to work by going into the pheonix ini and deleting the f14 specific lol
  14. i made/am making these tsr 2 tech demo mach 3, thrust vectoring, highly manouverable (slightly better than an f15 in a turn fight), 130,000 lb thrust that in turn led to this mach 2.6 everything else same as above (i hadnt fitted the canards when i took the pics) similer weapons fit to the typhoon but twice as many lol tsr 2 fgr1 id love to make these in game but have no idea where to start lol i like tsr 2s iv built about 10 and have another 7 to build (building 2 now) yup i had the engines blowing up problem and couldnt fix it depite playing with the temp numbers in the engine specs

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