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  1. Carrier CAP

    Well the most accurate movie scene about radar jamming that I could find...
  2. Carrier CAP

    Yes, but I made some carrier missions where one carrier is a not working but destructable dummy and I launch from an other one in the same group. I have some problems tweaking it all properly though, but I know thats an other topic..
  3. Carrier CAP

    I didn't remember it in such detail, thanks, but anyway, if you look to the scenerio described in the book I wonder how a carrier would organize its fleet defence. I assume that if you are threatend by whole TU-22M squadrons that have Kingfish missiles,escorted by Flankers, you need to have more than a hand full of fighters ready around the clock, which would reduce the carriers ability for offensive air ops?
  4. Carrier CAP

    Yes it was, the Pentagon gave Clancy "info" about the F-19 and used him. Since it was a fighter in the novel, NATO was able to shoot down all Mainstays on the first night of the campaign with it. There is also the mistake, that the Mig-29 is described as a long range interceptor while he describes the new Flanker as a short range fighter... But the rest of the book is well researched and also a good story. You have to keep in mind that the book was written in the early eighties, when not all of the soviet technology and epuipment was common knowlege. In the book only the US used newest stuff like Eagles, Tomcats etc but the Germans used their F-104 and even that german F-4 didn't have A/A Radar ist mentioned. In the end Nato won just because of some special circumstances, which were part of the story, not by superior strengh
  5. Carrier CAP

    Thanks, interesting to know. Do you know or could make an educated guess, how many fighters would have been ready to go in a scenerio like in WOE, when the carrier is in danger of being attacked by many bombers with AS-x missiles. I would guess that such a dangerous enviroment would require more fighters ready, I thought that fighters are the first line of defence for a strike group, the guided missiles of the ships the second, and systems like the Phalanx CIWS the last..
  6. Carrier CAP

    Hi , I wanted to ask, if some of you know how a carrier strike group handles its protection through CAPs exactly in wartimes I found no information anywhere. Is there always a CAP flight in the air 24/7, and if so how many aircraft are kept ready in case an incomming enemy strike package is detected. I guess it would be impossible to get many fighters in the air in time as the warning time should be quite short when TU-22M bombers are attacking. I know something like this is described in Tom Clancys "Red Storm Rising" (great novel), where a carrier group is attacked by soviet Bombers, but in the book (spoiler :) ) all Tomcats are launched in time, which seems not possible if the carrier is making offensive flight ops itself and some aircraft are on the way, some damaged etc. - so how many planes would be kept ready for fleet defence around the clock? I hope someone is interested in this topic - thanks !
  7. I was able to improve the radio system much due to the downloads from here (thanks for that) and i found out how to basically mod the wingman sounds, but is it possible, to add speech files that come up even when there are no wingmen, to get the impression of having a co-pilot, wso or rio? I specially want to get a warning from IR Missiles since avionics don't give any..
  8. Thanks, a lot, seems like a lot of work, but I will keep working on it since I already spend some time with it..
  9. As I'm new to this forum, I first would like to express how great I think this forum is. I played falcon and lomac from time to time, but because of the possibilties offered on this site, the WOx series became my favourite sim in the last weeks already. That being said, here is my question: I fly the f-4 and the f-14 most of the time and i wanted to add speech files for the Rio/Wso, finally i want them to make calls in certain situations, i.e. give me a warning at bingo, call something like "bandit six o`clock low", or "SAM inbound" or maybe even chitchat a little from time to time. I am already working on the soundfiles, by simply recording stuff from the "acecombat" series. So is this all possible or am I wasting my time? Thanks Stargazer

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