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  1. Stupid thing

    Hallo friends. Something stupid happened to me. After a long time I wanted to play WOFF again. I installed the game, but it requires reference number. I've searched all the media and can't find them. I may also have forgotten to make a backup of this number. I don'tremember. Anybody know what I'm gonna do now? Am I supposed to buy the game again? Thank you.
  2. Search and Rescue 4

    Hello Friends! I have question. Anybody know how can I make a virtual cockpit off in this simulation? Look this video at 1:15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV-c_nXxtqA Thank you!
  3. Please HEEELP!!! I dont understand how to use ani-ship-missiles. I shoot the Sea Eagle Guided Missile from Harrier FRS1 in to the ship direction but Rocket dont impackt it. What is my mistake. Please help me!
  4. Hello Friends. I cant install the Falkland mod. Actually it start with Falkland screen but all Aircraft are from SF2. Pleas help! My english is bad. And installguide ist difficult for me. Can anyone make install screenshots? Thank you very much.

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