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  1. So a cockpit is not included... how does one go about obtaining one?
  2. So eric, what sort of graphics hardware / driver do you use? or are these sort of bugs not that low-levelled? What bits of Strike Fighters have you got? Different mixes and matches obviously give different results.
  3. Update: I found the culprit, by copying back in the files from the effect in bunches, and then narrowing down the offending bunch as soon as i got crashes again. On my box it was Photoflashbombeffect.ini
  4. taking the entire folder out helped. i'm now going to try swapping them back in bunches until i find the ones causeing the crash. Thanks for the prompt response sir! edit: let's compare rigs: i run 64bit windows 7 on an intel core2 cpu with an ATI 6950 video board on latest drivers.
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to get the nato fighters expansion packages to work with my merged installation. I have Strike fighters 2 Europe, Israel, Vietnam and North atlantic with the may 2012 patch applied. For nato fighters 4+ I downloaded a whole list of packages: main.7z NF4Objects.7z NF4Aircraft1.7z NF4Aircraft2.7z nf4_plus_update.7z nf4_plus_update2.7z nf4_plus_update3.7z nf4_plus_update41.7z nf4_plus_update5.7z I unpacked them in the proper order (as listed in the readme). When I try a single mission, the game starts loading, but hangs up on 30% loading bar . What is going wrong? where can I find a crashlog or anything to diagnose the problem?
  6. aww heck. well here we go again. are nato fighters 1 to 4 needed or should the four parts of nf4+ suffice?
  7. I managed to install nf 1 to 4, and all four parts of nf4+ and the update. It seems to work ok, there's a whole bunch of new aircraft and the terrain looks improved. I have only tried single missions, and found a little problem: there are far too few weapons available! for an F16 it lists only sidewinders and french 250kg bombs. For the su25 there's only a couple of A-A missiles and fuel tanks. This obviously isnt right. What file should i look at to fix it?
  8. I am having trouble locating the last two parts of nf4+. In the readme it says it should come in four parts: main, nf4objects, nf4aircraft1 and nf4aircraft2. where are they? the search function did not cough them up :(

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