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  1. Everything installed well, and shows up perfectly in game. Thanks to everyone who makes these mods, great job guys! I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone when I say I appreciate the time and effort you put into expanding this game with your hard work. Also, thanks to everyone on the forum who has responded to my posts and helped me out personally by posting links, responses, and steps on how to get things set up. I really am thankful. I'm off to fly a Canadian F-16 in an Operation Red Lightning Campaign!
  2. Thanks Wrench, downloading now. I'm just not very proficient with modding / altering files. *Crosses fingers*
  3. Hey everyone, I have another question for you technically advanced folks... I installed a mod called "F-16 EuroPack4.zip". I followed all the directions, and went to custom campaign in Strike Fighters 2. Everything seems fine, and I'm able to start the game with the appropriate skins. My question is, when I select the F-16 Netz with the USAF skins, I can't change the Unit / Service markings. The option is grayed out and says something along the lines of "Unit / Service markings can't be changed on this paint scheme". Is there a way to change this so I can get unit / service markings for the modded skins? I'm not very confident with modding, so any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Much celebrating and cheering you on from my side of the screen!
  5. I would love to see the Gulf area done, and get a nice Gulf War campaign letting us fly the A-10, F-15 and F-16.
  6. Yep, no problems! So I'll just add the skins to their respective folders and get going with the campaign editor!
  7. Okay, I'm a little confused... Do I just need to run the campaign editor to allow me to fly the F-16 in any campaign? If so, I need to install the skins I downloaded so that the F-16 I fly in Europe will be any of the countries other than the stock Israeli? And, if I want to use the skins I've downloaded, I have to download the file that has the plain old F-16A for use in Europe? Sorry, just getting a lot of suggestions (which is good) and I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do in order here...
  8. No, I haven't created anything. I've just installed all the SF2 titles in order, with both expansions. I then ran each of the .exe's to have the program create the folders they will need. So I have to create an F-16? I was looking at the skins that I downloaded, and it seems that I can just drop the folders where specified in the readme to get the different skins to work. If I have to create anything like an F-16 it's probably way beyond my ability.
  9. That's weird... did I do something wrong with the merged install then? I installed everything in order, but I can only fly the F-16A Netz in the Israel campaign. I can run Israeli campaign from any .exe though, is that what you're referring to as "from anywhere with a merged install"? Also, thanks for the skins download links MigBuster! I guess there aren't any Canadian skins for the F-16? I'm guessing in a fictional conflict, the US might let us Canadians paint a leaf or two on an F-16?
  10. Very nice, going to grab the DLC now. Thanks for the quick responses everyone!
  11. Thanks as well J! I think the campaign customize application came with one of the expansion packs? If so I you're saying I can just run it to add the plane to whichever campaign? That would be nice and simple! :)
  12. Hello Dr, thanks for the reply! I have a full merged install of SF2, SF2:E, SF2:V, SF2:I and Expansions 1 and 2. I'd like to get the plane flyable, and having it in the campaign would be awesome. I was poking around the knowledge base a bit but didn't see anything. I'll try digging a bit deeper, but my modding / tweaking knowledge is limited. I thought maybe someone knew how to just drag and drop a few files or folders, or change a few lines in a .ini somewhere.
  13. I'm just wondering if some one knows an easy step by step way to get the SF2: Israel F-16 to be used in the SF2: Europe campaign? I'm guessing some files or folders could be moved to make this happen? I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this so don't be afraid to spell it out for me!
  14. I've started a campaign mission before where there was a plane crashing on the runway in front of me. There was also the wreckage of another plane off the runway to my left, still smoking.
  15. Thanks again Wrench, must've been somewhere else mentally when I read your post.

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