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  1. AI Bombing

    Thanks for the reply. No, You would have to try harder to insult my intelligence. By my searches of the forum, the weapons editor issue is where I thought the problem was. I just wanted to make sure. Thanks again.
  2. AI Bombing

    I am making a single mission with the AviatikC2 as an Strike on a parked BE2c. I have gotten the C2 to fly the route but it flies over the target and goes on its way back to base without dropping a bomb. Below is what I have planned presently, what am I doing incorrectly? Many thanks. [AircraftMission002] AircraftType=AviatikC2 Name=two seater FormationType=Single Texture=K2 Squadron=-1 AircraftNumber=-1 Size=1 RandomChance=100 MissionType=strike ObjectiveID=41 RatingForSuccess=100 StartOnGround=FALSE CarrierBased=FALSE Position=137015,114341,300 StartTime=5 Heading=265 Speed=45.00 Alignment=ENEMY AmmoPercent=100 FuelPercent=50 Loadout=Bombs TracerMixRatio=50 PilotTrainingStandard=EXCELLENT TargetArea= Nation=GERMANY Waypoint[01].Position=135166,113965,075 Waypoint[01].Speed=75.00 Waypoint[01].Size=200 Waypoint[01].Command=WAYPOINT Waypoint[01].Objective=TRUE Waypoint[02].Position=134465,114180,075 Waypoint[02].Speed=75.00 Waypoint[02].Size=200 Waypoint[02].Command=INITIAL_POINT Waypoint[02].Objective=TRUE Waypoint[03].Position=134382,114206,075 Waypoint[03].Speed=75.00 Waypoint[03].Size=200 Waypoint[03].Command=ATTACK_OBJECT Waypoint[03].Objective=TRUE Waypoint[04].Position=145654,122839,100 Waypoint[04].Speed=75.00 Waypoint[04].Size=200 Waypoint[04].Command=WAYPOINT Waypoint[04].Objective=TRUE Waypoint[05].Position=151274,123245,0 Waypoint[05].Speed=75.00 Waypoint[05].Size=200 Waypoint[05].Command=LAND_TOUCHDOWN Waypoint[05].Objective=TRUE
  3. hanriot hd.1

    Sweet ride.
  4. Where was you at 9-11-2001

    I was sitting on reserve for United Air Lines waiting for the call to go to work and cover a flight that a scheduled flight deck crewmember could not make.

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